6 conversations you need to have as a couple before getting married

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Marriage is a wonderful way to put a crown on your love, and also a very serious thing. After all, you are vowing to spend the rest of your life with someone and share all the ups and downs of life with that special someone. Of course, you adore each other, you lovebirds! But, to grow as a couple and individuals in this wonderful thing called marriage, there are some things you two should talk about, just to make sure you are on the same page. Here are 6 conversations to put on your – things to talk about before saying yes to single men in Oxford.

  1. What does marriage mean to both of you?

This might sound simple. But, to make sure you have the same definition of marriage, it is important to talk about what does marriage and all it brings mean to you. What do you bring to the table in this fairy tale called marriage? How do you both define it? Ultimately, it is important to make sure what  you both expect from it, so you can visualize your life together.

  1. What are your common goals?

Since from the moment you two are married, you will become a whole new entity, like for real. You will be one person basically. This is why you must establish your common goals as a couple. What do are your goals? Where are you striving in life? How do you define future together? The more clearly you answer this question, the less conflict you will have, and that is, ladies and gentleman, the base of a solid marriage.

  1. What do you want as individuals?

Apart from knowing what you want as a couple dating in Norfolk, it is important to makes sure your partner knows what you, as an individual want from life. Marriage must not be limiting, and although you will become one entity, you have to keep your individuality as well. So, if you want to travel the world all by yourself or volunteer in Africa every year, makes sure your partner knows it and accepts it. And this absolutely must go both ways.

  1. Where do you want to live?

This is a very basic discussion, and very important too. Some partners have no doubts about where they want to live, while other have different affinities. Some Edingburgh singles want to live in the heart of the city, and some might choose more suburban residential area or even a village, far from the crowd and noise. Some prefer apartments, some houses. If you like the same, great. If not, that’s ok, so make sure you find a compromise, so you both feel the place you live in is your home.

  1. Obligations, oh obligations

Yes, yes, you have to talk about some boring stuff too, like who will do the dishes, pay the bills, lawn the garden and so on. After all, you are not only going to kiss, cuddle like adult dating sites and maybe have babies and pets, you are, darlings, going to make some mess too and be adults, so make sure you take equal share of responsibilities.

  1. Finances matter

In the end, you can’t live on water and love, although that would be pretty great. Unfortunately, you are just humans, and senior dating marriage means shared finances. If any of you has debts, just make sure these are left outside marriage, and pay what you need to pay before saying magical yes, so you can grow your little empire together on a financially solid base.

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