6 Memorable Gifts To Give to Wedding Guests

When your special day arrives, make sure that your friends and family members feel appreciated. Read about six memorable gifts to give wedding guests.

You and your partner will have plenty of things on your mind as you plan your wedding, but don’t let wedding favors for your attendees slip through the cracks. Your family members and friends took time to travel and come to your big day, so show your appreciation for them. Consider picking up these six memorable gifts to give to wedding guests.

Sweet Treats

Your guests will surely enjoy slices of your wedding cake, but that does not mean you have to stop there when it comes to giving them tasty treats. You can send them home with items such as cupcakes, chocolates, or pastries that leave a sweet taste in their mouth and a smile on their face after the celebration.

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Gifts for wedding guests

A Lei

A wedding favor is an excellent way to incorporate lei into your wedding. If you or your partner have a heritage rooted in the Hawaiian Islands or want to give your nuptials a sense of the aloha spirit, you can do that by giving each guest a lei. It will be a wonderful symbol of kindness and warmth as you celebrate your union.


Your guests will remember several things from your wedding day, and you can keep them looking back at the event fondly with gifts they can use for a long time. One example is a coaster that they can take home with them. You can incorporate a unique design into the coaster that reflects the décor of your event and makes it a special keepsake for your friend or family member.


Giving your guests special soaps that commemorate your wedding is another way to thank them for coming. You can incorporate romantic themes into the soaps that reflect the love you and your partner share and choose scents that will uplift your guests whenever they use them.

Hand Fans

If you have picked a date for a summer wedding that will be outdoors, consider giving your guests hand fans. If the air is extra humid that day, your guests will appreciate having something to help them cool off. It will also make a nice token for them to take home and use again.


Providing your attendees with custom sunscreen is an additional way that you can show that you care about their comfort at your outdoor event. Although they may still cry after you say, “I do,” at least they won’t be sunburnt!

When you give your wedding guests memorable gifts like these, they will feel truly appreciated and loved. They may even feel like “borrowing” your wedding favor ideas for their own nuptials in the future.

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