6 Needed Tips for Planning Your DIY Wedding

DIY weddings have been around over the last few years. These are one of the greatest ways to cut down on cost (as weddings are known for being expensive), while also saving the planet. While you may not have to do as much budget planning for a DIY wedding, it’s still very important to plan ahead and to count the cost. So these are some helpful and fabulous tips that you’re going to need if you’re planning a DIY wedding.

Don’t worry too much about creativity and originality

It’s fantastic that you’re wanting to try and do as much DIY for your wedding as you can, but it’s important to know that you don’t have to constantly come up with original ideas or constantly stay creative. That’s just going to get far too stressful, and maybe even expensive! Just hunt around for ideas and tutorials on YouTube, Pinterest, magazines, and blogs. Even if you’re dead set on making your wedding seem original and unique, it’s still going to be as you’re DIYing the whole thing!

Reduce, Reduce, Recycle, and Upcycle

One of the added benefits of doing a DIY wedding is the fact that you’re saving the planet. Weddings produce so much waste such as flowers, plastic, food, and so much more. There may be a chance your wedding just might produce waste as well. But you can combat and offset some of this by staying green. Hunt around on Craigslist for items, reuse what you already have, check out FB marketplace, and don’t forget about checking out your local thrift shop.

You can’t DIY everything

Some things in your wedding simply can’t be DIYed and that’s okay. You shouldn’t pressure yourself into making your own wedding dress. Instead, cut yourself some slack and look for wedding dresses and tuxedos for sale. You’ll thank yourself later.

Don’t rely on your friends and family for help

This may be mean to say but you shouldn’t always rely on friends and family to help you out with this. It can get tricky, especially if they’re not the creative or handy type like you are. Just make sure you think twice before you let them in on this process.

Sometimes DIYing can get expensive

Sometimes but it’s not always the case. For example, if you’re really wanting to get elaborate with wedding invites, name tags, menus, party favor gifts, etc. It can indeed get expensive. Let’s say you want to get all the needed tools to make these such as the cardstock, the subscription to Canva, the printer, and the Cricut machine. This can get very expensive. It doesn’t need to be this way, it’s better at times to use what you already have rather than buying new items which will only be used for your wedding.

A DIY is far busier

Weddings are already a very busy time as it is, but it’s tenfold if you’re having a DIY wedding as the pressure is on you and your partner to try and do everything. This means that you’ll have to get organized ASAP and you can’t exactly procrastinate either.

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