6 quick and easy wedding diet tips

wedding diet

Forget the dramas of who to invite, table plans and what food to serve your guests – one of the biggest stresses of a wedding can be getting in shape for it. Most brides panic about how they are going to look slim, trim and glamorous on their wedding day, especially now we live in a digital age where there is the likelihood of hundreds of photos of you being taken.

The wedding diet has become a staple part of any wedding preparation, but it doesn’t have to be eating one lettuce leaf a day and running a marathon every evening. Here are six easy wedding diet tips.

Eat a high protein breakfast

Protein allows us to burn more fat by turning it into muscle more efficiently. Incorporating a high protein breakfast into your diet will burn fat and reduce cravings for food throughout the day, keeping your calories under control.

Drink water an hour before you have a meal

Studies have shown that water consumption increases weight loss in middle-aged and older adults. Drinking water an hour or so before you have a meal will help trick your body into thinking it is fuller than it actually is by filling your stomach, reducing the amount you need to eat at lunch or dinner.

Take supplements that can help with weight loss

Supplements can help you lose weight by reducing your appetite, reducing the absorption of nutrients such as fat meaning you consume fewer calories and increase your fat burning potential, meaning you burn more calories. There are plenty of different options out there, but some of the most effective include glutamine, green tea, omega 3 and vitamin D. Before taking supplements, it is advisable to check for any side effects that you might suffer, which you can pick up guidance on doing at Sideeffectanswers.Com.

Drink caffeine

We’re constantly told that too much caffeine is bad for us, so this one is good news for all you Starbucks lovers out there. The caffeine found in coffee and tea can boost metabolism by just over 10 percent, meaning we burn fat and calories that much easier. This is particularly good news given that the stress of planning the wedding will have you reaching for that expresso on a regular basis as it is.

Don’t drink sugary drinks and fruit juice

Anything with sugar is bad, so if you have to have some of the big names most sugary drinks, at least reach for a low calorie or zero sugar version. The same goes for fruit juice, which has an obscene amount of sugar in it. By reducing how much sugar you have, you are reducing unnecessary calories, and that can make a big difference.

Weigh yourself regularly

Weighing yourself regularly can help you keep off weight. When we see we are making tangible progress in our weight loss journey, it encourages us to keep at it as we are clearly moving in the right direction. If the results of a regular weigh-in aren’t so positive, then that too can help by offering a galvanizing effect, encouraging us to knuckle down and work harder towards the end goal.


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