6 simple rules for a remarkable relationship

Every relationship has ups and downs so always make sure you talk about everything you go through with your partner. This not only strengthens the relationship, but also gives you confidence in each other, and you will both feel supported and safe. Read the 6 simple rules that will keep your relationship in a positive space.

  1. Keep it fresh

Getting comfortable with each other is natural, but getting too comfy with your partner is not something you should say yes to. Make sure you always schedule new, exciting and fun activities to spice it all up, so you always have something new to look forward to. Go on dates and adventures to keep it fresh and interesting.

  1. Keep your individuality

No matter for how long you two are together, try avoiding merging too much with the other, to the point where you both have no lives outside the relationship. Giving each other space to be who you are will keep you both happy, fulfilled and feel free to be yourselves and this is crucial for a healthy relationship.

  1. Support each other

Whatever your partner does, the best way to show them, love, is supporting them. Every relationship blossoms when to people can lean on each other in the darkest time, without fear of being judged.

  1. Set healthy boundaries

Every couple has a different definition of what healthy boundaries are, but what matters is that you both feel comfortable setting boundaries on your own terms and respecting them, as this will save you unnecessary conflict and help you become much stronger as a couple, in your eyes and in the eyes of people around you.

  1. Show off

Speaking of how people see you, there is nothing more rewarding for a partner than being publicly supported and appreciated. Raising your partner’s rating, being proud of them and happy for their achievements also raises our own rating, but also the quality of a relationship. Who doesn’t want to be loved and appreciated?

  1. Affection is the key

There is nothing that keeps two people happy together more than an abundance of affection. No matter how long you know each other, never forget how powerful hugs, kisses and quality cuddle times are.

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