6 Tips for Planning a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is a beautiful option and your guests will remember it for a lifetime. It can, however, be a little daunting planning a wedding from afar. The best way to go is to hire a professional wedding planner who can give you advice on what to expect.

It’s important to pick the right location, that suits both you and your partner. Don’t forget about your guests too, a destination wedding often means a more intimate ceremony due to costs. Here are six tips for planning a destination wedding.

Choosing the perfect location

Destination wedding guides can help you with this. Ideally, you want to pick a location that suits both of you. Make a list of what you both prefer in a vacation spot, and find what you have in common. Don’t forget to consider the season. While it may be springtime over here, it could be monsoon season in your destination of choice.

Think of your guests

Your guests will be travelling too so take their budget into account as well. A destination wedding may often be smaller if fewer guests are able to splash out on flights or take time off work. Be sure to thank your guests for their efforts and reward them with some party favors! Here are some other examples of wedding guest etiquette, to ensure your guests have a great time on your special day.

Local specialties

There are two main reasons to incorporate local specialities into your wedding plan. The first one is to save money. If you try to bring the caterer, flowers and other decorations with you this will cost you much more. Instead, embrace the setting and choose local flowers and traditional decor.

The second reason is that it would crazy not to! You’ve chosen a destination wedding for a reason, why not experience as much of their food and culture as possible?

Hire a professional wedding planner

For the best wedding planning tips, it’s always the best idea to hire a professional. Planning a wedding is stressful no matter how big it is. A professional wedding planner will have the knowledge and experience to get you through. An impartial opinion is always useful as well.

Budget your vendors

If you’re going with local vendors, you’ll need to do some thorough research. It might even be advisable to make a pre-visit to the destination to meet with the vendors. If you’re taking some with you, then you’ll need to budget for their travel. In order to figure out a realistic budget, take a look at some of the typical costs of wedding vendors.

Tailor your dress to the location

Remember the difference in the climate. Tailor your dress for the weather that awaits you, not the one at home. You could even incorporate cultural traditions into the custom design of your wedding dress. Another important thing to remember is not to unpack your dress on the way there. Instead, be prepared to press and steam when you arrive.

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