6 Tips For Planning a Mountain Elopement

The average wedding isn’t your style. How about choosing a destination like no other instead? Here are six tips for planning a mountain elopement.

The union of a loving couple. An array of mountain peaks in the background with family and friends celebrating by your side.

Eloping has grown in popularity over the last few years. More and more couples are saving money while getting married in some of the most beautiful sights in nature. Perhaps getting married on a mountaintop is perfect for you and your partner?

Continue reading these tips and consider them when planning a mountain elopement!

mountain elopement

Pick The Right Season for the Wedding

Spring, summer, winter, and fall. Every couple prefers a certain time of year to marry. Discuss with your partner the desired time of year for the wedding. Then, check if your chosen location can accommodate a wedding during that season.

Choose the Wedding Details That Are Important To You

While the scenic mountains are naturally beautiful, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add extra details to the wedding ceremony. Find the dream wedding gown. Invite family and friends. Add decorations to the location. The possibilities are endless!

Apply for Any Necessary Permits

You’ll need a special use permit to have your wedding at many national and state parks. Some locations may even require a photography permit as well.

Remember to apply a minimum of two weeks in advance before the decided elopement date. It will help ensure the desired date is available and approved so you don’t cause any undue stress.

Don’t Leave Any Trash Behind

When getting married in a beautiful part of nature, you shouldn’t bring or leave behind any potentially hazardous items. It’s harmful to the environment and wildlife.

Always follow the guidelines set in place by the park when planning a mountain elopement. While you want a gorgeously romantic wedding day, you must respect the environment and follow the park’s rules.

mountain elopement

Hire Local Vendors

If you’re getting married in the mountains and it’s not close to where you reside, it might be helpful to hire local vendors in the area. Doing so will minimize travel costs for their services and create a smoother process for the bride and groom. Some vendors to consider might be the photographer, videographer, florist, baker, and hair and makeup teams.

Ask The Photographer Questions About the Location

Choosing a local photographer means they’re most likely familiar with your wedding’s location. When you’ve chosen the spot for your mountain wedding, don’t be afraid to ask the photographer more questions! Chances are good that they have immense knowledge about the subject and will help you take the perfect photos on your wedding day.

Celebrate your wedding in the Poconos to get the best experience imaginable for your elopement! It’s a gorgeous mountain destination that’s perfect for a wedding ceremony and honeymoon in one place.

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