6 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

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It’s a taunting task looking for unique wedding gifts. The task becomes more complicated if the couple is dear to you. If you want to surprise them and in need of inspiration check out the unique weddings gifts in this list.

1. Bride and groom pumps

These Irregular choice bride and groom pumps make a great gift for the bride if you want to surprise her with something that reminds her of her great day. They are fashionable enough to wear!

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2. Chloe-Love Story Gift Set

This gift contains 3.4 oz body lotion and 1.7 oz Chloe perfume spray. This is definitely a romantic wedding gift! The flora, sexy and fresh seduction will leave the couple to have unforgettable memories. The scent from these perfumes is grounded by sensual diffusion, strengths and diffusion of cedar wood. At a price of $110 you’ll have your set.

wedding gift, wedding perfume

3. Horse in Wonderland candle Holder

This large mare candle holder is made of entirely recycled aluminum. This gift will conjure a surrealistic wonderland whimsy to the couple. It retails at a price of $99.

unique weddings, wedding design gift


4. Gradual Self tan Set
Perfect wedding gift for someone with a pale skin that fears self tanners. This amazing face and body duo makes the skin to glow naturally with every application. It has also anti-aging properties like hyaluronic acid and co-enzyme Q10.

wedding gift, unique weddings


5. Bridetastic Deluxe Wedding Emergency Kit

This is an exclusive wedding day survival kit containing 101 solutions for fashion and beauty blunders and minor wedding day disasters.



6. Tarte- Blushing Bride Wedding day Essential Set

This wedding day set is perfect for the bride as it will keep her flawless and ready for a photo shoot as she walks down the aisle. It features a collection of tarte’s converted essentials for the eyes, lips and cheeks. This pack is a perfect and unique wedding gift as it can be used on a wedding day or on a honeymoon.

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