7 Benefits of online counselling

online counselling

Online counselling is gaining an increasingly important place in mental health care. No matter what type of counselling you look for online counselling is suitable for couples and for individuals. Although regular face-to-face therapy is still popular telehealth and online counselling has some major advantages.

Seeking help is easier

A lot of people know they need help but feel uncomfortable going to the doctor with their complaints. Online therapy makes it easier and offers low threshold support. Maybe you are the type of person that has little free time or you feel it’s too big of a step to go to a face-to-face therapist. When you have difficulty leaving your home due to physical or psychological reasons it is great you can still receive help. Besides online counselling is a great alternative if you prefer to keep your therapy hidden from others.

No waiting list

When you need counselling you don’t want to wait for weeks or months while your complaints are getting worse. Regular therapists often have long waiting lists and it can sometimes take months to get to the right place. Via online therapy you can usually start treatment within a few days. A huge gain in time and you can get rid of your problems faster. Also, a long waiting list can be an extra barrier for you to go seek help. With internet counselling, you won’t have this problem and get help immediately.

Flexible and in your own environment

Working with an online psychologist means working on yourself in your own environment and at your own time and pace. You do not have to make an appointment with a psychologist so that you can work on the sessions when it suits you. You also often determine the pace at which the sessions follow each other, so you do not have to feel the pressure of a deadline. Flexibility is a big advantage the assistance is actually available 24 hours a day so you can get help at any place and time.

Your personal counselor

When you decide to get therapy online you will be assigned a psychologist who will guide you from the beginning to the conclusion of the therapy.

Tailor-made treatment

There are big differences per provider how they deal with the therapy online. The worlds largest e-counselling platform can help you match with the right counsellor that will suit your needs.

Easier to discuss sensitive issues

Finally, with online counselling, you will feel more comfortable talking about sensitive issues. It can be hard to talk to a therapist in person if you’ve been through a traumatic experience. You don’t need a doctor reference and can get the help you need immediately.

Save money and time

The price of an online counsellor is usually lower than face-to-face treatment. If you have little free time and want to save money telehealth is a great alternative. Besides, you don’t have any travel expenses and you will save time since you don’t need to go anywhere to receive therapy.

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