7 Cocktail Party Makeup Looks That Compliment Your Dresses

With so many options available to women, it is hard to choose the right look for your cocktail party. It must look good and match your outfit, but not everyone likes applying all of the makeup products you can possibly find. If you do like such makeup, you can read about the best products and where to buy them in these answers. Are you ready to find the perfect makeup look? Then let’s dive in.

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1. All Natural

Emma Watson always manages to nail this effortless all natural look. She might seem like someone who would send out invitation gifts, but she is actually a badass inside. Emma loves showing her natural beauty, and you should too.

These nude tones and next to no makeup will perfectly go with any outfit. White dresses also tend to bring out the details of your skin, so make sure it’s clear. Don’t forget to use as less makeup as you can. After all, natural looks should be using as little makeup as possible. By the way, a little blush will make you look livelier.

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2. Party Pink

And while natural might be the soft one, pink is what actually starts the party, and Selena Gomez wears it just right. There are different shades of pink you could use. Something rosy would be perfect for a lighter dress, but you can always go for the brighter tones to stand out. After all, once somebody spills some Tesco Prosecco champagne onto you, you will need everyone’s eyes on your face instead of your dress.

This look will go with any dress in pink tones. However, you can wear it with warm colors too, such as orange or yellow. In this case, make sure to have your high heels or your clutch match with your eye shadow.

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3. Mysterious Goth

Everyone is probably jealous of Lily Collins’s amazing eyebrows. Her look is all about being mysterious. If you want to be that girl who has secrets and likes to play, then this is the one for you. Just like the all-natural one, Goth will suit any of your outfits. Black is the color that is good with everything.

To create the look, don’t forget about all the elements: eyebrows, eyelashes, eye shadow. And don’t try to accent your lips too – they might turn out not so well.

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4. Mermaid Blue

Talk about celebrities who do their own makeup, Zendaya is going to slay them all. While you are sitting in your comfortable chair and drinking your Crown Royal Reserve whiskey, she perfects her makeup skills and posts the breathtaking results on her Instagram page. Just look at that blue and purple eyeshadow!

Even though it might seem a bit eccentric, it’s the obvious choice for any partygoers. The Mermaid Blue look will be best for colder tones.

Image source: http://www3.pictures.zimbio.com/gi/Angelina+Jolie+69th+Annual+Golden+Globe+Awards+Ie5aDxfncIIl.jpg

5. Classy Red

When it comes to being classy, who better than Angelina Jolie to sport that red lipstick look? The red will make you look both hot and outstanding at the same time. You went for a simple look, but its uniqueness lies exactly in its simplicity.

The Classy Red will be best for any type of dress, but will especially look good with black or white ones.

Image source: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/10/82/a5/1082a55225c9b7a86641360a42cd036c.png

6. Precious Gold

Scarlett Johansson loves changing her hairstyle. Sometimes she wears it short, while others it’s long. However, all the makeup (or no makeup) that she applies looks stunning on her, and this golden eye shadow is no exception.

If you want to look royal or want to outshine every other girl, then golden glitter is your best friend. Don’t forget to use a black eyeliner to outline your eyes.

Image source: https://media.allure.com/photos/5bf2fad7e8c2853cb8a966e6/1:1/w_400,c_limit/GettyImages-1063447652.jpg

7. Silver Beauty

Similarly to gold, silver looks are now in trend. Emma Stone loves wearing smokey eyes, but even she knows that glitter is the buzz right now. Let the guys drink their Eagle Rare bourbon as you pass by looking absolutely stunning.

Silver loves white dresses as much as black ones. You may also consider wearing a shiny silver dress too! Make your lips either nude or something pastel.


All in all, these were some of the easiest, but genius looks for your next cocktail party. Get ready beforehand and maybe practice applying makeup the way you like it. Many studies prove that makeup really does make a difference.

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