7 Great Tips on How to Prepare Your Mind, Skin & Body for your Big Day

Every girl’s dream is to have a gorgeous wedding day! No matter how cliche it may be, there’s no future bride which doesn’t want to look and feel perfect on her big day. In order for you to feel at your best, you should not only take care of your body and carefully choose your dress, but you should also prepare mentally for this wonderful ride.

Here we’ve got a couple of amazing tips for you to have everything in check to be holistically ready for your special day. Read on to find out more!

Start working out

In order for their dress to fit perfectly, most Australian brides report they’ve started working out a couple of months before their wedding. It’s key to start hitting the gym in time, ideally a year to eight months in advance. This way you’ll be able to make the most progress, plus you’ll avoid crash dieting many brides go through.

To maximize the effectiveness of your fitness regime, you should consider incorporating fat burner supplements. Lipodrene Australia is a perfect example of a supplement that is effective. It will also give you more energy for your workouts and will make your metabolism faster.

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Get your diet on track

Though fixing your diet will do wonders for your body, it’s also key to getting perfectly glowy skin and mental health too. It’s also possible that bad eating habits leave you feeling sluggish. Therefore, you should start adding healthy foods to your diet, such as spinach in your smoothies. You can consider having a huge salad for lunch if you’d like to up the level of antioxidants in your diet. Not only are antioxidants important for your skin, but they are also the key to having a consistent energy level throughout the day. Always make sure to have a big pile of vegetables with your supper. Rather than cutting things out from your diet, focus on adding more nutritious foods into your everyday menu.

Have more than one facial

Getting ready for your wedding is a great opportunity to treat yourself! To get the most out of your facials, you’ll want to get them professionally done. Plus, you should aim to get at least three to five facials before your big day so the products used can actually seep into your skin and do wonders. Consistent facials can really make a huge difference in the way your skin looks.

During your visit to the salon expect to have facial massages! They are so relaxing and will get your mind off the stressful wedding planning you can’t get away from. Also, most professional beauticians will also massage your scalp, and decolletage to encourage blood flow leading to a healthy complexion. If you notice you have a lot of blackheads request extractions to remove the impurities. Make sure to book a visit to a highly trained beautician – you don’t want to have any scarring or allergic reactions to the products used!

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Consider getting botox done

This is one of our favorite beauty tips to follow before your wedding day. Make crow’s feet and wrinkles on the forehead disappear using Botox. While Botox takes a few days to work, it only lasts for six months! Therefore, it’s in your best interest to get the treatment done a couple of weeks prior to your big day.

If you wish you may get a trial treatment to evaluate how the Botox affects you personally around eight months in advance. This way, you’ll know whether it’s something you’d want to get for your wedding day. If you’re afraid of needles and Botox is too invasive for you, you can always invest in many topical creams that temporarily relax your face muscles while also working to permanently smooth out small wrinkles such as crow’s feet.

Test out your makeup artist

It’s safe to assume that a month in advance you should already know who will be handling your hair and makeup for the big day, so set up an appointment to see how a few different looks fit you. Make sure you like the way you look by snapping a photo of your makeup with the flash on.

You should always bring inspiration photos of haircuts and makeup looks you find online. Also, never be afraid to voice if you don’t like the final look on you. The purpose of the trial is to allow you to experiment with several looks until you find one that you like. Please remember that your makeup artist and hairstylist should be compensated for the trial looks too!

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Check your teeth

The photos you have of your wedding day will last you a lifetime. This is why it’s so important your smile looks perfect! You don’t want to hide your happiness because of your yellowed teeth.

Make sure to check with your dentist what is the best treatment for your teeth depending on your financial situation and the condition of your teeth. We suggest most brides get their teeth brightened. However, if your budget allows you and you feel like you need it, you shouldn’t stray away from getting more complex procedures such as crowns. Don’t forget to book this appointment well in advance!

Get some rest

Weddings can be really stressful for all the parties involved – but especially the bride. This is why you should devote the week before the wedding to recharging your batteries and being mindful.

If you enjoy it, focus on practicing yoga and pilates since low-intensity workouts can lower the stress hormone. Meditation is always a good way to feel grounded and calm. If you’re someone who recharges around people, then go for a coffee run with your friends. Make sure not to drink alcohol since it can have negative effects on your skin, body, and mental health too. Boozy brunch can be rescheduled for after the wedding!

Weddings come with a lot of anxiety which is never good for our bodies and we want our body and soul to feel good for such an important day! We hope that the advice above has helped you be the best version of yourself for your wedding. After all, it’s the day you’ll cherish forever!

Written by Brigitte Evans

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