7 questions to ask when looking for the best family-friendly resort

family vacation

A family vacation is a wonderful opportunity to get away from everyday life and bond with those who matter the most. However, searching for a family-centric resort that not only fits the bill but also offers great value for money is likely the most difficult part of vacation planning. The choices available to the internet-friendly vacationer can be overwhelming to say the least.

To help ease the process for you, here are the top 7 questions to ask when looking for a family vacation resort:

Is the hotel kid-friendly?

Not all resorts that market themselves as child-friendly are all that they claim to be. When shortlisting a property for a vacation with children, read up all you can about the place, and ask yourself, Will my children have a good time at this place? For instance, a resort with a kids’ club and a kid-friendly menu is sure to get your children excited about the trip.

If doubtful, don’t hesitate to write to the resort and ask specific questions about child safety and fun activities for children. Do remember that if you really like a property, you should not have to let it go for lack of research.

How far is the property from the beach?

If you’ve chosen a beach destination and if you’re taking young children along, you want to look for a property located close to the beach, if not at the beach itself. If budget is a constraint, look for a family resort that’s at least within walking distance from the beach—it’s no fun to spend your vacation organizing transit and stressing out over how “the kids always want to be going to the beach.”

Does the place have adequate medical facilities?

When travelling with kids, you don’t want to be staying at a property that’s missing this essential component. Children, regardless of their age, can get sick or injured when you least expect it. A resort that’s truly family-friendly will have trained and experienced in-house medical staff to tend any emergencies. If you’re travelling with a family member with a specific medical condition, it would be a good idea to inform the hotel beforehand.

What kind of family activities does the resort offer?

A family vacation is an opportunity for everyone to spend quality time together and make memories to cherish for a lifetime. Doing things together gives you a chance to connect with your loved ones. When selecting a hotel or resort to visit with your family, check what kind of family experiences the place offers. A fun combination of both indoor and outdoor experiences will make your choice worthwhile.

Will I get some hard-earned me time?

What’s a well-planned vacation if you don’t get to have some personal time after all the planning and organizing? Though the idea of a family vacation is to give undivided attention to your loved ones, a little me time will not hurt at all—in fact, some downtime every now and then will rejuvenate you and bring you back raring to indulge your family. So, do check if the resort offers adults-only experiences and if they have dedicated staff to care for the kids while you’re away.

Does the property offer family-sized accommodation?

No one wants to be lodging in a cramped room or suite when on vacation, and certainly not on a family holiday. If you have teens travelling with you, you would most certainly want to choose a resort that offers spacious accommodation with at least two bathrooms and tons of hangout space for everyone.

How can I bring down the overall cost of this vacation?

A luxury/semi-luxury family vacation to an exotic destination can be expensive. Look for an all-inclusive deal that covers access to all facilities within the property as well as any tailor-made family experiences. Further, you can save a substantial sum by opting for accommodation that comes equipped with facilities such as in-room kitchen and laundry service. Save on transportation within town by renting a vehicle on per-day basis than relying on cabs to get around.

Finding the best Family-friendly resort can overwhelm even the most seasoned vacation planner. Asking the right questions makes all the difference—it gives you greater control over your choices and makes decision-making a tad bit easier. Whether it’s a family reunion, a getaway with your kids, or a long-awaited trip with your parents, the above 7 questions will come handy when you’re feeling a little lost!

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