7 Tips for a Budget Wedding

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According to the Knot, the cost estimate of a wedding is more than $30,000, excluding the honeymoon expenses! It’s turning out to be one of the costliest events in life.

But do not worry if you don’t have millions of dollars to blow. You still can have your dream wedding without crippling your bank account or bankrupting your parents.

The following article explains seven tips to help you plan your wedding on a budget.

  1. Do not hire catering

We advise you to do catering yourself or hire a family member to do it for you. A family member will understand your budget and he or she will go a notch higher in making your wedding colorful and attractive while keeping the overall cost under control.

  1. Limit your guest list

Every guest adds a few dollars to your budget. It sounds harsh, but it’s a reality. Don’t get tempted to invite your entire village. Invite a few but loyal friends. Alternatively, you can invite more people to the ceremony but limit the number of guests to the reception.

  1. Buy an affordable tuxedo or suit for $99 or less without compromising on the quality.

It’s your day, and you have to look sharp. However, you don’t have to get a loan to have your wedding suit or tux. Do a thorough homework in searching for an affordable supplier or a tailor.

It might sound surprising but if you search hard enough, you can find a great supplier selling quality suits for as less as $99 or even lower.

  1. Make invitations by yourself

We understand you’re no graphic designer, but an invitation card doesn’t need to be overly fancy. Keeping things simple or seeking the help of a friend who’s better at designing can help you save a decent part of your overall budget.

Using simple fonts and avoiding flashy designs is a simple but fairly effective approach at making your invitation card look attractive without breaking the bank.

  1. Use your home stereo equipment

Instead of hiring a DJ, use your own home equipment; or you can borrow the equipment from your friends. Do not spread the speakers around the entire room, put them around the dancing floor. Create a playlist by yourself to feature a few hours.

  1. Buy wedding dresses which are on offer

Instead of buying customized dresses altogether, visit shops and find if you can get dresses on offer. This will be possible if you can choose your color in advance and the shop you intend to buy them from offers plenty of sizes.

  1. Planning

It is vital to plan ahead when having a wedding on a budget. Go through the items you want to have on the actual day of the wedding. This will allow you to know what to prioritize and what you can do without.


The wedding is a one-day event, and it should not leave you with an empty pocket. All that matters is the two of you and the desire to make your marriage work. It’s completely possible to have a stylish, debt-free, and an affordable wedding of your dreams.

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