7 tips for your guests to love your wedding

With the right details your guests will remember your wedding as an incredible event.

What can you do to make your wedding different and charming? It sounds difficult, but we assure you that it is not complicated at all. The primordial and unforgettable rule is that you like it and as long as you follow that line, everything will be fine. In addition, we share some tips to accompany you with your good taste and have a dream wedding. No doubt your nuptials will like you so much that you will spread that emotion to your guests and so everyone will happily remember the wonderful day you happily married. Let’s start with the details!


  1. Custom details on the table for each guest

Nothing tells your guests that you know them and they are really important to you, like preparing them a personalized detail at their tables. Ideas abound of what you could give them and the choice depends on the type of wedding you choose. A simple way to personalize your details is to add labels with the names of your guests. It is a small gesture, but it shows the attention you have with them. As for the gifts, you can give small ornaments such as brooches with personalized emblems, such as those in the image, sunglasses for men and hats for women if your wedding will be held during the day and abroad, or small floral ornaments, stamps, corks … There is so much variety that you will not struggle to find one that you like!


  1. Music selection

The music, gives color to an event and makes the feet and hearts remember, move and move. Your selection of musical group is very important because a good one will be able to see your guests, discover what they like and find the perfect melody for each moment of the wedding, so do not forget to consult and listen to several options before choosing one. Also, the songs that will be part of the repertoire of the night are no less relevant. Take some time to choose your favorite melodies for that romantic moment, for the dance, without forgetting the songs that everyone likes!


  1. Table of cheeses and desserts

The rich among the rich! With these two flavors there will be no doubt that your guests will get a great impression of your wedding. Cheese of soft taste, spreads, fresh, handmade; and small portions of desserts, colorful, appetizing, subtle … Oh, our mouth wails just thinking about it!


  1. Photo booth

Some couples consider it one of the best decisions they have made for their event and it is not for less, because in this way their friends and family can be photographed with them and each other, having a fun time and keeping these moments for posterity. With so many photos and good wishes among your guests, there will be no lack of prominence of your event on social networks, where your marriage will quickly become top trending.


  1. Cart of shots

For the bride and groom you have to give, do not you think? Raising the glasses for the new couple is a good way to celebrate and the drinks make a ceremony very good. Using a cart of shots to offer these drinks is a very innovative and striking bet. From the presentation of the drinks to the adornments and additional details that may include the cart of shots, they will make the moment of the toast as happy as memorable for all. Health!

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  1. Slippers, sandals or slippers


Among the gifts that will make your guests love your ceremony you can not forget about this shoe. Not only are they a nice detail that can be personalized with the name of your guests and that they can use even after your wedding. At the same wedding they will be a sensation! Imagine your friend who loves to dance and who forgot to bring some lower shoes to do it during the whole ceremony … Well, with this, she will love you for life.

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