7 Ways To Save Money When Shopping Online


Online shopping can be very addictive for many people. However, it is also very expensive. And if you don’t keep the shopping spree under control, you might blow out too much money that you intended. However, there are some ways to make shopping a bit more inexpensive. And below, we look at seven ways you can save money while shopping online.

Discount Codes And Coupons

The easiest way to save money on products is to look for discount codes and other coupons. There are usually two places you can find such discount codes – at the store or at a third-party website. Online stores usually give off discount codes on special occasions like Christmas, special sales etc. So, check the website for such special offers. And if you don’t find any codes from the store itself, then don’t worry. When looking for the best deals, Plusvouchercode.co.uk can help you save money. In addition, you can also look for discount offers from your credit card company.

Compare Online Prices

Never buy a product at the price that is displayed on the online store until and unless you make sure that it is the best available price on the internet. And how do you know whether the price at a particular store is the lowest or not? Simple, isn’t it? Compare prices of the product from multiple online stores through any product comparison website or by simply searching for it on Google. However, keep in mind to not go blindly for the lowest priced product. Instead, check the reviews and only select the product that has a high number of positive reviews while also having a reasonable price. This is especially important when you are trying to shop for insurance online.

Dynamic Pricing

As the internet technologies got more sophisticated, a new pricing strategy introduced by online stores is called ‘dynamic pricing’. In simple words, dynamic pricing allows the retailer to show you a price that is far different from a price being shown to another person. This is done after accounting for your browsing habits, spending patterns, and so on. As a result, there is a good chance that you might be shown a higher price if the website thinks that you are desperately looking to buy the product. A good way to deal with such pricing tactics is to completely erase all the browsing history, including the cookies.

Multiple Coupons

Sometimes, you will have access to multiple discount coupons codes for a single product. And though most of the online stores do not allow using multiple discounts, there are a few that do allow such things. As such, when using all the codes, be sure to use them in the correct order to get the best benefit. For example, suppose you want to buy something that costs $200, and you have two codes that give you a discount of $50 and 10%, then the order in which you use it is important. If you apply the 10% code first and the $50 code second, then you only need to pay $130 instead of $200. However, if you use the $50 code first and 10% code the second, then you will end up paying a slightly higher amount of $135.

Social Media

Certain products will also offer you special discounts in case you spread their information online. This mostly happens using social media. Typically, the product page will ask you to ‘share’ the web page with your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media profiles. And once you do share it, the store will grant you a special discount at checkout. The details of the purchase will usually be shown on your social media page. So, if you buy a sunglass using a ‘share’ option on Facebook, then the information about the purchase will usually be shown to the newsfeed of your Facebook friends.


On some websites, if you add a product to the cart and leave it like that for a few days without logging out of the store, then it is very likely that the store will offer you a discount. This is because by adding the product to the cart, you have signified interest in purchasing it. As such, the system will try to convert you into a paying customer by offering you a discount when they see that you have not completed the checkout process.

Email Alerts

Finally, sign up for an email alert at the interested product’s webpage. This way, if the store is conducting any special sale and offering discounts on the product, you will be informed about it in advance.



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