7 Wedding Hair Styles for Brides with Long Hair

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Girls today are in love with long and silky hair. In older times, our ancestors used to consider long hair as a mark of power, happiness and wealth. But today regardless of giving consideration to this fact, all girls want to have long and silky hair. These days long hair are more seen as an add up to our beauty, rather than the cultural beliefs.

It is a fact that on the day of her marriage, the bride wants to look the best. Long hair makes her this wish getting turned into reality more easily. There exist various hair styles which a girl can opt for on her wedding day, if she has a long hair. Look here for more details and different hair styles which you can opt for on your D day.

  1. Go for Wave Style (Soft One) With A Flower or A Floral Pin

Long hairs with soft wave hairstyle give a very elegant look. You can just use a comb to get your curls more soften. Even your fingers will do this work well. To add on more beauty to your face, you can attach a beautiful flower to your curls or even an elegant floral pin will serve the purpose.

  1. Braids with Waterfall Style

Opting for the style of braids, that too with a waterfall style gives a wonderful and elegant look. In this style the hair which will fall off from your braids can be loose or tight, according to your suitability. This gives your hairs a curly look and hence appears to be pleasing to the eyes.

  1. The Fishtail Style Braid

The fishtail style of the hair gives you a gorgeous look. The fluffy look of it and also when some of your hairs are released around on your face, then one cannot stop complimenting you for your hair style. This fishtail style beard can be of two different types, one is simple braid and the other one is voluminous style of this braid. The voluminous style involves the making up of a crown or puff on your head and hence you are able to feel the volume of your hairs.

  1. Create a Bun in a Symbol of Infinity

Most popular by the name of knot of infinity this even symbolizes the basic meaning if the bond of marriage of which you are going to tie the knot. For this style of knot, you just have to make a simple ponytail and then roll it into such a style that it makes the symbol of infinity over your hairs. Support the bun with bobby pins. Also, you can also add a flower or floral pin for more graceful look.

  1. Long Simple Braid

If your hairs are very long and you also want to have a simple hair style then you can even simply have a lose braid which will be half twisted. This will prove to be the best as it will even be simple and at the same time be elegant. Like all the other hair styles, flowers can be attached to this also for more refined look.

  1. Opt for Bridal Bun

On this special occasion of yours you will not want your hands to be occupied and also you will wish that you don’t have to give all your attention for carrying your hairs properly. Then opting for a high bun over your head, which is famously known as a bridal bun would be the best option for you. Also, you can simply opt for keeping side hairs out of the bun and then roll them down on your face. This also looks very pretty.

  1. Simply Twist Your Hairs and Curls Will Be Formed

If you aren’t wishing to have any of the style stated above then you can also go for simple and soft curls for all your hairs or half of it. Else, you can also opt for the wave style or just straighten it. Opting for these styles will give your hairs and face a more of natural look.

Above stated are some of the hair styles which you can opt for on your wedding day and look more beautiful and elegant. Just make sure that you chose the hair style which suits your face and look. And hence you will be able to live the dream of yours, of looking the most beautiful one on your wedding day.

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