8 Bridal Makeup Mistakes that Brides Make

bridal makeup mistakes

A wedding is the most memorable and photographed day in every bride’s life, and they want to look their best on that day. But, looking best on the wedding day can be tricky. Brides probably spend months looking for the perfect dress for their d-day, but do you know that there are some common bridal makeup mistakes that brides make that can ruin their perfect day.

Not just makeup, remember to pay attention to your hair and skin because they can also play a large part in ruining your special day. Although the mistakes are common and brides commit them without realizing them, it is always wise to avoid vomiting such mistakes. Here, we have listed some Bridal Makeup Mistakes that Brides Make, but you would like to avoid.

8 Bridal Makeup Mistakes that Brides Make

Never Ditch The Waterproof Makeup

As a bride, you are going to shed a few tears. Now, imagine the horror of your makeup coming off with your tears. You do not want lines of black mascara or your foundation to roll down your cheek. Waterproof makeup goes a long way and saves you from looking horrible in your wedding pictures.

Forget about tears for now as we know not every bride cries; it is also essential to use sweat-proof makeup. Weddings are a long process, and especially for a summer wedding, it is crucial to wear sweat-proof makeup. Remember to invest in waterproof and sweat-proof makeup, and never wipe your tears and sweat. Instead, just dab them lightly with the help of tissue paper.

Wedding Day Is Not The Day To Experiment

As humans, it’s our natural tendency to always keep on trying new and different things. But, always remember, the wedding day is not the appropriate day to try something new. Do not take the risk of experimenting with something that you’ve never done before.

The experiment might go wrong, and you want to look best on your big day. Therefore, play safe and get all your trials done beforehand. Trials, although, look tedious and time-consuming, are essential. Make sure to have a full trial, including your outfit and makeup, so that there’s no room for anything to go wrong on your big day.

Choose The Right Shade Of Foundation

There are a plethora of shades of foundation available, but it is essential to pick a shade that matches your skin complexion because you don’t need your foundation to look unmatched but look like it is your skin.

Sometimes, brides only emphasize matching the foundation with their face and completely forget about their neck. This is what you should avoid. Of course, as a bride, you will flaunt your excellent collar bone, and you don’t want to look two-toned. As the shade of our neck is a bit darker than our face, make sure to match the foundation with the skin on your neck.

Hairstyle Is Important

Many brides don’t realize it, but the hairstyle is as important as makeup. Most brides decide hairstyles at the very last minute. But, this is something which as a bride you shouldn’t follow. The hairstyle complements the makeup.

So, the moment when you decide your makeup style, determine your hairstyle then. Your hairdo needs to match your overall makeup and your face shape too. Also, style your hair depending on the density of your hair. A bun may be a classic hairstyle for a wedding, but not all brides look good in a bun. So, choose your hairstyle according to your face shape.

Moisturize Your Skin Well Before Makeup

Moisturizing the skin is the first step that brides should not skip at any cost. Moisturizing will prep up your skin and make it ready so that the makeup stays for a more extended period without making your skin look dry and flaky. What most of the brides do is that they directly put on their foundation before applying moisturizer.

Even if some foundations have moisturizing properties but after a specific time, the foundation tends to make the skin drier, and the face feels very rough and starts to crack. This can be very irritating and can spoil your mood. So, make sure to nourish your skin before applying anything to it.

Keep The Eyeshadow Subtle

We know that as a bride, you need attention, but this doesn’t mean that you will overdo your eyes. Just because you are the bride, don’t get all too excited and apply three-four shades to your eyes. Also, your wedding day is the day to do a smokey eye.

Many brides blindly follow the trend of doing heavy eye makeup without realizing that it doesn’t suit their face. Don’t make this mistake; just because something is trending doesn’t mean you have to try it out. You can try it, but later, as we have already said, your wedding day is not the right time to experiment. Make sure your eyeshadow matches your outfit and overall makeup. Keep it as subtle as possible.

Do Not Get Any Facial Treatment Done Just A Day Before The Wedding Day

We know every bride takes a trip down the salon to get facial treatment, manicures done before their wedding. This is okay. But, what is not okay is getting the facial treatment done just a day before the wedding. Facial treatments, including plucking eyebrows, can have side effects such as skin irritation, redness, itchiness, etc. Therefore, it is essential to give the skin a rest for about three-four days before applying any products to it. Because if you use any makeup products, the chemicals present in the products can react to the already irritated skin and make it much worse. There are chances that you get a reaction on your wedding day, so it is best to be safe than sorry.

Exfoliate The Lips Before Applying Anything On It

Generally, brides directly apply lipstick, or at some instance, few brides apply a lip balm before applying lipstick. But, exfoliating the lips is what every bride should follow religiously. Not exfoliating the lips can make the lip look dry, chapped, and discolored. Of course, you will apply the liquid lipstick, and everyone knows that liquid lipsticks are a bit drier in texture. They can make the lips look drier, and lips can peel off too. Therefore, to avoid this, exfoliate and moisturize the lips before applying anything on them.

The most serious mistake that every bride makes is that they don’t keep themselves hydrated well. We know that it is your wedding day, you ought to be anxious, forgetting about food and water. But remember to be hydrated well, as it will make you look fresh. Plus, try to avoid cheap makeup products as they are not long-lasting. Whatever you do, make sure to keep smiling throughout your wedding day; it will make you look the better version of yourself. We hope to have helped you, in case you have any doubts, please feel free to ask us. We promise to get back to you to the best of our knowledge.

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