8 Bridesmaids Gifts That Are Cute and Event Appropriate!

For a bride, wedding planning can be some of the most exciting – and stressful – moments of their lives. But many find peace and solace with their bridesmaids. Your bridal party can lift your mood, keep you calm and come to your recuse at any given moment. And when you’re walking down the aisle they will be some of your biggest supporters.

But with all the wedding shenanigans going on, it can be easy to forget to show your appreciation. This is exactly why bridesmaids’ gifts are the perfect token of gratitude. Whether they are big or small, showing that you care can go a long way. So to help you choose the perfect gifts for the ladies in your bridal squad, we’ve composed a list of awesome trinkets.

From skin care tools to personalized accessories there is something that every bridesmaid will find useful. Check them out!

Beauty Done Right Ice Dice

This goodie is the perfect gift and addition to any skincare routine. What looks to just be a cube is an innovative tool that can tackle some of your biggest skincare struggles. The Beauty Done Right ice dice is easy to use and works in two modes, warm and cool. Each mode has benefits that include increasing blood flow, calming inflammation, easing acne, and relieving tension to name a few!

All Things Etching Personalized Tumbler

These cute tumblers are a great way to say thank you while being unique. With eight stainless steel colors to choose from, you can easily tap into your creative side. Pick from pink, green, orange, and other gorgeous tones that will perfectly pair with one of two fonts and watch your customizations come to life. Finally, give a gift that has meaning and thought behind it!

Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit

Don’t ever underestimate the power of having a good beauty kit handy during emergencies! This tiny pouch is small enough to carry around without becoming bothersome but filled with several must-haves. Packed with seventeen beauty and personal care essentials ranging from hair spray to earring backs most emergencies can be handled quickly and put to rest. Even better, there are multiple pouch designs to choose from so every style can be appeased!

B fragranced My Epiphany

My Epiphany by B Fragranced is feminine, light, and sweet. Gorgeous notes of warm musky vanilla, flowers, D’Anjou pear, and wild strawberry are the keynotes to this lovely fragrance that scream romance and good vibes! This light scent is appealing to many different perfume lovers, and its pocket size make it a great gift for bridesmaids.

Voluspa Mini Tin Sparkling Rose Candle

There’s nothing like champagne on a wedding day. This tiny little candle packs a loud punch. Enjoy the fragrance of this sweet and delicate blend that perfectly mimics the light and bubbly taste of pink prosecco and burns for up to 25 hours. Not only is this candle cute and classy, but it is perfect for special occasions, especially your big day!

Lip Remedy Lip Shine

This CBD-infused Lip Shine naturally nourishes and hydrates your lips with a sheer neutral color and a brilliant shine. This shine easily applies on dry lips or on top of colors and tines. It’s a perfect addition to any bridesmaids package and you’ll ensure that ladies lips are never dry or chapped on your big day.

Crystal Compact Mirror

Give your girls a personalized gift that they can carry anywhere! These compact mirrors are cute, useful on a day-to-day basis, and will serve as a reminder of how important they were on your wedding day. Make them extra special by including initials or full names and choose from fonts that are cute, classy, and fun.

Bridal PJ Set

Make bonding with your bridal party a little more exciting. Whether you want to have a cute pre-wedding photo shoot or just relax with your girls, this gift is a great go-to! These rose gold satin pajama sets are embroidered with the words “Bride’s Squad”, come in a range of sizes, are extra comfy, and do a great job of getting everyone into the wedding spirit.

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