8 Ideal Gifts for a Bridal Shower

bridal showers

There are a lot of presents to buy when one of your best friends gets engaged! Bridal showers are becoming more and more popular as a way to give a little something extra between girls before they actually tie the knot. Don’t worry here are some simple, yet thoughtful ideas for the bride-to-be, before the wedding.

Spa Treatment

A few of you could go in together and get her a spa day or treatment. This is a low maintenance present that anyone can enjoy. Book her a massage, or a facial. If you don’t want to fork out too much instead why not a nice aromatherapy candle, and some bath oils she can use at home. You can even get environmentally friendly brands.


You could either buy it in person or go for a voucher if you’re not sure. You could try and sneak a peek at her size or ask her husband to be. This is a fun present she can get some use out of on her honeymoon. Look into his n hers stuff as well, for a giggle.

Bed Linen

A new set of bed linen to refresh her recently martial bed could be a nice gift idea. You can choose one of her favorite colors, patterns or even Disney characters. There are plenty of quirky designs online. Have a look around for some fun newlywed bedding ideas.


There are several different options here. You could put together a collage of photos of you and your friends, from the past until now to create some nostalgia. Alternatively, you could buy her a nice frame, album or scrapbook to put photos in.

Dancing Lessons

Another nice idea is to get her something she can enjoy with her fiance, like some sort of activity gift card. To get them ready for the big day, why not vouchers for wedding dance lessons? You can enjoy the results when you watch them do their first dance together as a married couple. Alternatively, you could get them vouchers for theatre or a musical if they’re shy about dancing themselves.

Honeymoon Ideas

Anything she can use for traveling will be handy. You could get a nice new makeup bag, and fill it with tiny toiletries. Get her a book to read while they’re relaxing on the beach, or a new pair of sunglasses if you wanna splash out, flipflops if you don’t.

Dressing Gown

Get her a fluffy new dressing gown to wear while she’s getting ready on the big day morning. You could even have it personalized with her initials.


Put together a selection of her favorite food and drinks. You can go in as a group, or each person adds one item. There are themed options for bridal showers available online. This is a simple, yet effective idea all of you can enjoy at the party as well. If not you can just go for a spread of luxury cheeses and wine, whatever she prefers to indulge on.

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