8 non-boring hen party ideas

hen party

Whoever says stag parties are more fun than hen parties has never been to a good hen party. If you have the honor and responsibility to organize a bachelorette party for your best girl, you should be aware of all the unique and unusual party ideas.

We’re going to give you some great, non-boring hen party ideas and you’ll be able to organize a party that will be remembered for years to come. Let’s dive right in.

Panoramic helicopter flights

Starting with a bang. Is there anything more memorable than talking to the skies in a helicopter and experiencing the world from above? Depending on where you are, you and your girls will enjoy the breathtaking, panoramic views of either an iconic city, splendid rural area, or stunning coastline.

And if you time the flight just right, you’ll all be able to see a magical sunset from way up high. There’s nothing boring about that kind of hen party.

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Go on a yoga retreat

No one will tell you that organizing a relaxing yoga retreat isn’t a good idea for a unique hen party. The bride-to-be will be especially thankful for this sort of party.

Research all the possible yoga retreat options and choose something that you know all the girls in the group will appreciate. If nothing seems interesting enough, you also have the option of renting a house and hiring a yoga instructor who will come up with exercises, meditation, walks in nature, or whatever you request.

Go glamping

Since we’ve mentioned nature, let’s discuss our following hen party idea. How does organizing a glamping trip sound? Men like to go on camping trips, so why shouldn’t the girls also enjoy a camping trip, but the glamorous kind?

Glamping hen parties are ideal for those who enjoy adventure, nature, and relaxation but with all the necessary amenities. There are more and more glamping spots popping up all over, so you won’t have a difficult time finding something you all like.

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Craft day party

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly kind of hen party and you know all the girls are somewhat crafty, organizing a craft day party is a fun idea.

To make this kind of party more unique, you can get all the participants custom bridal party shirts, aprons, or some other clothing pieces with interesting designs and quotes. Check out custom clothing sites where you can design and customize your own clothing.

For this crafting hen party, you can make pottery, paint, arrange flowers, make wreaths, create your own décor, or whatever comes to your mind. Just let the creative juices flow.

Cooking class

If you want to combine learning and partying, a great idea would be to schedule a cooking class for your bridal party. Regardless of what cooking levels all in the bridal party are, organizing a class like this could be so much fun.

Some cooking classes even offer cooking with world-renowned chefs, so if you can book a class like that, even better. Not only will you have so much fun but you’ll also learn something new! A win-win situation.

hen party ideas

hen party ideas

Photo by Lara Jameson

Silent disco party

Traditional disco parties aren’t popular anymore. What you should consider, however, if you girls love the disco era, is a silent disco party. A silent disco party is no different than a full-blown rave but with the clubbers listening to music on wireless headphones.

From the outside, this kind of party may seem crazy but in truth, it’s an awesome experience. You can sing and dance without care for hours straight! It would be an unusual hen party, that’s for sure.

Beach party

If the bride is a fan of boho vibes and style, think about organizing a boho beach party. There’s something really romantic about a beach party. The ambiance you already have since you’ll be on a beach, but when it comes to décor, your imagination can run wild.

Find appropriate food and drinks for that sort of event and create a beautiful-looking get-together for the bride and her bridal party.

Photo by Tholaal Mohamed

Karaoke night

Whether it’s in a karaoke bar or a private setting, a karaoke party has this amazing energy around it. This kind of party is a perfect opportunity to slightly lower your inhibitions and have fun singing your heart out to all your favorite hits.

A karaoke night can be a great idea for the bride to unwind after all the wedding planning, and have fun and sing all night long.

Planning a perfect hen party is a lot of pressure, but in the end, it’s not about the place or the event, it’s about the time you spend with the bride and all her best girls. With that in mind, and with all these non-boring party ideas, we have no doubts that you’ll organize a unique hen party.

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