8 original date ideas to try in Glasgow

date ideas

Dating can be fun and exciting, but sometimes it can also be a bit nerve wrecking like you’re going on audition. You can go to the local pub around the corner to have a drink, but it is much more fun to do something you have never done before in Glasgow. Because what if your date turns out not to be the person of your dreams, at least you’ve done a fun activity together.

Doing a fun and exciting activity together is a great way to get to know your date a little better than the usual grab a drink and chat. So here’s a list of Glasgow dating ideas.

Glasgow sightseeing

Rediscover your own town and plan a day of sightseeing in Glasgow. Visit some beautiful museums, historic buildings and look through the eyes of a tourist. What’s more fun than rediscovering Glasgow together? If you don’t have a date find one through one of the dating websites in Glasgow.

Visit a festival together

Need more inspiration with date ideas? If you both love music and dancing why not go to a festival together? You can go see a band that you both like or a festival with different DJ’s. Fun guaranteed!

Go to a amusement park

Perhaps you haven’t been to a fair since childhood. Visiting a theme park and going on a roller-coaster together can make dating in Glasgow exciting. A roller-coaster ride can break the ice and make you feel more comfortable around your date.

Visit the opera

You love the opera or you hate it. Find out what types your date is and book two tickets. It is already an amazing experience to walk into a huge opera hall between all those people who are dressed up. If you hate the opera go to a concert instead.

Make a painting or take a creative class

What is more fun than doing something creative together? Explore your inner artist and make a painting together. You can go to a painting class or cooking class and make a portrait of each other. If you don’t feel comfortable making portraits just make an abstract painting. Making a beautiful composition gives you something to focus on while getting to know your date a little better.

The zoo

Another great option to add to your list of date ideas is the zoo. If you are shy the zoo is a great place to find something to talk about. You can be amazed about the different animals and talk about that. If its sunny outside you can enjoy an ice cream together. The zoo is a great way to get closer to each other.

Working out together

Some Glasgow singles like to stay active. If you both fall in that category you can work out together.
Go swimming when its warm weather or play tennis or squash together.

Try skydiving

Maybe the previous date ideas are not exciting enough for you? Well if you are not afraid try skydiving together. This is something you will never forget a memory that will last a life time, not bad for a first date!

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