9 Things to Consider when Buying a Diamond Ring

Being presented with countless diamond rings all at once and expecting to find the perfect ring for you can be overwhelming at times. A diamond ring is undeniably expensive, and there are numerous points to consider before purchasing one.

Anyone can buy a diamond ring as long as their budget can handle the cost. But, if you aim to choose the perfect diamond ring for a certain amount, you need to go above and beyond instead of just browsing through a store.

The 4C’s

The first C is Carats. Gemologists calculate a diamond’s weight in metric carats, and every carat rises to 0.2 grams or 200 milligrams. Division of carats rises to 100 “points,” and each equals to one 100th of a carat. Be mindful so as not to mistake diamond carat for its size. A large carat is not usually that important and should not be a priority.

The second C is Color. Only a couple of diamonds are genuinely colorless. Most of them come in differing shades of brown and yellow. Colorless diamonds are more valuable and consequently more expensive.

The third C is Clarity. As diamonds form far underneath the surface, they gain external blemishes and internal inclusions. Clarity stands for the position, number, and type of these flaws. Since people cannot detect most of these imperfections without the proper tools, it is fair to lower clarity for affordability.

The fourth and last C is Cut. It is the most crucial C when choosing a diamond. A badly cut diamond looks lifeless and dull, while a diamond with great angles and facets looks shinier and better. The cut of a diamond directly affects its brightness and how the diamond shines when hit by light.

Choose a Diamond Shape

Although most buyers incline toward round diamonds, there are various diamond shapes, and a few non-round forms will truly stand apart from the group. These rings with unique shapes are likewise available at a more affordable price than round diamonds. The vast majority of these non-round shapes seem bigger than rounds of a similar carat weight. Aside from the round shape, the next most popular form is the square princess cut.

Each buyer has a personal preference. However, it is a known fact that a few shapes are more saleable and more popular than others. For instance, the round cut is still popular even after some time, while the marquise cut has less popularity than in the 1980s.

Consider the Market Demand and Rarity

Perfect diamonds exist, However, their rarity makes them exceptionally expensive. Particularly in the stones that have a natural color or ones that have bigger carat sizes. Nonetheless, a diamond may be perfect but have a less ideal shape.

Choose a Band Metal

The kind of metal you choose for your diamond ring influences the general look of your jewelry. Platinum and white gold are popular for quite some time since both can add to a sleek and modern look. They are likewise great metals to pair with diamonds that are colorless or slightly colorless.

Setting a diamond in a golden band would make its appearance more yellowish. If you want your ring’s band to be gold, consider coordinating white metal bezels or prongs into the ring. Doing this would create a contrast to the diamond and the band.

Where to Purchase

It’s better to buy a diamond ring from popular and trustworthy dealers or jewelry stores. Since online shopping for diamond rings is available, you can go the online route, but you need first to check their legitimacy. Usually, chain stores put a heftier price for their diamond rings, so it is best to purchase online if you want to save on your purchase.

Your Budget

When buying a diamond ring, the expense is usually higher than you initially believe it will be. Fortunately, there are numerous diamond ring options for differing budgets. In most cases, choosing the correct ring at a reasonable price involves prioritizing various factors.

Figure out how much you can shell out without burning through your finances. Note that a diamond ring is a costly buy, and you should not take it lightly. Try not to put your funds in danger for a mere ring.


Remember to only consider AGS Certified Diamonds and GIA Certified Diamonds as you shop around for the perfect diamond ring. Avoid HRD, IGI, and EGL Certified diamonds since there are countless times that their results are not trustworthy because of numerous instances of inconsistent grading.


Each buyer needs to settle on their buy according to their needs, taste, and style. A diamond ring is a costly buy for most people, and having knowledge before finalizing your purchase can help you avoid any poor buying decisions.

Photo by Sabrinna Ringquist

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