90’s fashion Trends That Are Making A Comeback

Everything from the 1990s is officially back and more fashionable than ever, including everything you liked and everything you didn’t like all that much. Even though the decade ended 30 years ago, these famous designs continue to be worn today, demonstrating how the decade altered the fashion world. Simply take a glance at your Instagram or TikTok FYP feed to see all of your favorite influencers and celebrities sporting these retro outfits. There is no denying that ’90s fashion trends are in right now.

Therefore, we’ve compiled the most well-liked ’90s trends that are presently having a resurgence for both people who wish they had lived through the ’90s and those who really did.. You’ll also discover how to combine each trend into your personal outfit. Read below to see which of your favorite—or least favorite—trends are back.


Nothing was better than a simple cardigan you could put over your shoulders if your slip dress or spaghetti straps started to feel a bit chilly. When used as a top, the upgraded version is stylish. For a more relaxed style, you could even cut it short and wear it with a pair of baggy jeans.

Sheer dress

Recall the eponymous transparent dress worn by Kate Moss in 1993? It won’t be replaced very soon, but it will go down in fashion history. For his Fall 2020 collection, Brandon Maxwell revived the storied style during NYFW in February.

Knee socks

Another trend Cher made popular in Clueless was the knee socks worn by schoolgirls in the 1990s. High-end clothing companies like Prada developed a modernized iteration of the style that fits the category as a whole.

Leather chokers

If you missed out on the opportunity to channel your inner punk during the 1990s, rejoice because the Christian Siriano Fall 2020 collection has brought back big leather and chain chokers. Bonus points if you draw a little eyeliner heart on your cheek.

Hefty headbands

Thick headbands were all the rage in the 1990s when hair accessories were huge. At the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Beanie Feldstein wore a satin one, bringing back the heavy headband look and sending us all into hair-sterics.

Clip-on claws

In the 1990s, these clips were the quintessential stylish hair accessory. Today, they are used to keep your hair up when you don’t want to get it wet in the shower. (Rachel Greene from Friends, played by Jennifer Aniston, was a die-hard fan.) They were observed at Alexander Wang’s Fall/Winter 2018 presentation in the wild.

Cycling shorts

Cycling shorts made of spandex were so comfortable to wear both inside and outside of the gym that even celebrities like Madonna and Princess Diana appreciated the way they looked. Naomi Campbell wore a white pair of Off-White sneakers at the brand’s Spring 2018 runway show, thus they have recently been welcomed back into the fashion scene thanks to Kim Kardashian and the brand

Cargo pants

You didn’t even need a handbag because cargo trousers featured so many extra pockets (typically fastened with velcro). For extra points, make yours camouflage. Bella Hadid made a strong argument for the return of the look when she wore a pair with a cropped jacket while out and about in New York City.

Mom jeans with a high waist
Mom jeans have returned and they’re better than ever. Due to street style celebrities, models, and clothing companies, the high-waisted baggy look has become more well-known once again. The shape is actually very attractive, despite the fact that the pants have frequently been the target of fashion jokes.

Harmonizing plaid sets
Who could ever forget Cher’s recognizable yellow plaid skirt and jacket ensemble from Clueless? Matching patterns were used in several labels’ Fall/Winter ’18 ensembles, including Michael Kors and Versace.

Military boots

The 1990s footwear craze was black combat boots, notably Dr. Martens, which were made famous by the grunge movement of the time. To add some edge to your style, pair them with a flowery dress.

Fanny packs

Despite receiving a lot of fashion jabs, fanny packs were adored in the 1990s as a genius method to carry everything without using your hands. These brilliant belt bags have resurfaced in fashion today with a vengeance, being seen on Kendall Jenner and fashion bloggers alike.


You probably recall putting one of these little guys in your hair if you have distinct recollections of getting ready for primary school. At Maryam Nassir Zadeh’s Spring/Summer ’18 catwalk show, models donned them, and even Balenciaga sells the retro style.

Slinky dresses

Ask Kate Moss and Courtney Love; delicate slip dresses were a mainstay in every girl’s wardrobe in the 1990s. The hairstyle is still popular today and is frequently worn with stacked choker necklaces, which is another distinctly ’90s look. Fans include Hailey Baldwin and Emily Ratajkowski.

Spaghetti straps

The “going out” look of the 1990s was spaghetti-strap shirts and dresses, which were worn to formal events (like Gwyneth Paltrow’s outfit for the 1999 Academy Awards). Celebrities have been seeing the trend, and it is gradually returning to the forefront of fashion.


Another item that gained popularity during the grunge period was velvet, which has now made a comeback with an exquisite spin on fitted jackets, formal slacks, wrap dresses, and more.

Air Jordan 1

One of the most well-known sneakers of the 1980s was the Air Jordan 1, which contributed to the emergence of sneaker culture among a younger generation of youngsters who aspired to be “like Mike.” Its first “Chicago” color scheme, which was motivated by the Chicago Bulls. The introduction of the Air Jordan 1 High OG “Lost and Found” on November 19, 2022, will further the greatest sneaker’s comeback.

Photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash

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