A guestbook is a lasting memory of your wedding

guest book

A guestbook is a memento of all the guests who were present on your wedding day. Here you can read congratulations and other messages and you can use it to enjoy your beautiful day. Especially as the years pass, you will see that you would like to be able to look back at the handwriting of your niece or to read back the congratulations of your now deceased grandmother.

Which guestbook do you choose?

The range of guest books is really huge! Therefore, consider for yourself whether you want a traditional, original or alternative guestbook. You can get a beautiful ready-made guest book here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D7D8LB4?ref=myi_title_dp

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Guests get to know each other

When the guests arrive, they often sign the guestbook first. A row can arise here where guests can get to know each other. The well-known question such as “how do you know the bridal couple” is often used here.

Where do you put the guestbook?

Make sure you have a guestbook in which guests can also leave a message. Just leaving your name and address behind is not fun to look back on later. Do you want everyone to write in the guestbook? Then place it in a central place so that everyone can see it. For example at the entrance, where everyone passes by. You can of course also draw attention to it by means of signs, notes or something else.

Do you have children at the wedding who have no role yet? Maybe they want to help manage the guestbook. Guests often have a chat with the children so that the children can encourage the guests to write something nice.

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