A Guide to Creating Personalized Wedding Hashtags

Custom or personalized hashtags are one of those non-essentials in a wedding that you can easily overlook. However, if you and your partner or guests are active social media users, it is an easy and fun way to create excitement around the big day. For some individuals, however, the perfect hashtag does not come easy. For most, it calls for some brainstorming, and that’s why in this read, we have created a guide that should help you come up with exciting hashtags worthy of your big day!

Gather Information

Take a piece of paper or note application and jot down the following:

  • You and your partner’s name
  • Date of the wedding
  • The year
  • Any other important dates, such as when you met, first date, etc.
  • Name of the wedding venue
  • Style or theme of the wedding
  • Part of the world in which the wedding is taking place

These are the essential tools with which to create your wedding hashtag.


Write down a few ideas, regardless of how nonsensical or silly they seem. This might create ideas for more additional elements to put into your hashtag. This can be the names of your kids or pets, joint-favorite movie of all time, that one great bottle of wine you have always kept in the cabinet, etc. When brainstorming, you will want to avoid the obvious contenders, such as NameandName, or generic phrases such as #justmarried or #happilyeverafter. However, if you’re going to use your names, go beyond the conventional spelling or the way they sound to create something distinct.

Consider a Wedding Hashtag Generator

If you have a hard time finding wedding hashtags that fits both you and your significant other, there’s no need to fret. There are numerous wedding hashtag generators online that can come in handy. Most of these applications will ask for you and your partner’s first and last name, as well as the wedding date. Within seconds, you will have many potential hashtags to pick from.

Sounds Like

What are the sounds your name sounds like? To achieve this, utter your name at a varying speed. You may find that your name sounds like common wedding terms that you may not have thought about yet. Keep a list of wedding-related terms for close reference. Some examples include Holten for Hold, Leong for Long, Kress for Dress, Mint, or Meng for Meant.

Rhymes With

Consider what words your first or last names rhyme with. Here, you will want to sit down with your significant other and brainstorm terms that sound similar or rhyme with your names. Do not be afraid to include slant rhymes as they count as well. A few examples include: Laughlin for Laughing, Davis for Love is, Crighton for Enlightened.

Action Verbs

Numerous names also translate well to action verbs. Leverage this and think of a word that utilizes the associated verb appealingly or cutely. A few examples include Rose, Hope, Will, Art, Hunt, Chase, Ryder, Bill, etc.

Ask Your Friends

Chances are you already have a couple of nicknames. There is no shame in using a name that was bestowed upon you in the early stage of your relationship. As a matter of fact, deciding to use your nickname for a wedding hashtag is one of the best ways to add a touch of personalization to your big day.

What is Your Wedding Date?

If you want to take the more conventional route and use your two names, consider using the wedding date to make it personal. Ideally, adding the wedding date helps make your hashtag different from other couples with similar names and holding a wedding in the same year.

Make it Funny

The hashtag for your special day does not have to be all sentimental. It is also an excellent place to showcase some humor. A few examples include:

#StuckWith- there is no problem in stating the obvious.

#AtLast- If you have been together or engaged for a long time, this will address the wait, adding a touch of humor.

#KeepingUpWith- You can connect with pop culture by considering popular TV shows, movies, or characters.

Tips For Your Wedding Hashtag

Once you have found a hashtag for your special day, there are a few basic principles to follow to ensure it sticks. That being said, here are a few tips for making a hashtag a hit:

1. Capitalize Every Word

This will help with readability.

2. Make it Distinct

The last thing you want is your pictures to end up mixed with others on social media.

3. Introduce it Early and Keep Doing It

Include the hashtag on the wedding invitations, print it in your programs, post in pre-wedding parties, and display it around the reception venue.

Having a hashtag for your wedding makes it easy to share and compile all the moments and photos on social media leading up to your marriage. However, do not stress over it. Simply keep it personal and unique.

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