A Guide To Wearing A Wedding Ring

wedding ring

A wedding ring is a lot more than just a symbol of a couple’s eternal love for each other, and over the centuries, there have been many traditions associated with not only on the design of wedding rings, but also on how they are worn.

The modern times has brought with it options on how wedding rings can be worn. Whether or not you follow tradition, it all boils down to preference. Here are a few tips on wearing a wedding ring, which might come in useful when your fiancée becomes your wife.

  • Wearing A Wedding Ring Traditionally – It is tradition in most western countries for the wedding ring to be worn on the third finger of the left hand, and for many women, wearing the engagement ring on the same finger is customary. The engagement ring would be the first one on the finger, followed by the wedding ring, and it is popular to have both rings custom made to match perfectly. Check out the range of handmade wedding rings in Sydney from a leading jeweller who specialises in the design and creation of engagement and wedding rings.
  • Wearing A Wedding Ring On A Necklace – If a woman likes the outdoor lifestyle, she might prefer to wear her wedding ring on a custom-made necklace, and if she plays sports, wearing the wedding and engagement ring on a necklace is ideal. If you look around when you are out and about, you will notice quite a few women who wear their wedding ring on a necklace, which is closer to the heart than if worn the traditional way.
  • Wearing Your Engagement Ring And Wedding Ring On Separate Hands – It is now fashionable to wear an engagement and wedding ring on both hands, with the engagement ring worn on the third finger of the right hand, while the wedding ring is worn on the traditional wedding ring finger, which is the third finger of the left hand.
  • Free Style – Some independent women do not want to be ruled by tradition, so you can expect to see instances where wedding and engagement rings are worn on any finger. As long as the ring is a good fit, then why not wear it how you like? There are step by step guides you can find online on the various ways wedding and engagement rings can be worn.
  • Wearing A Wedding Ring On A Bracelet – It is not unheard of for a woman to use her wedding or engagement ring as one of the loops in a bracelet chain. There are advantages to this, namely, the ring is less likely to be damaged, and whether you wear it around your neck or wrist, the ring will be touching your body as it would when wearing it on a finger.

Many couples decide to have matching engagement and wedding rings made by a specialist jeweller, and with a Google search, you can find a custom jeweller who would be happy to design the rings. Having a ring custom made is not as expensive as you might think, and with an expert jeweller, your chosen design will be transformed into a quality diamond ring that will be truly unique. If you have the engagement ring and the wedding ring made, your partner will feel really special and she will know that she has the only ring of that design in the entire world.

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