A Handmade Wedding Ring Doesn’t Have to Break Your Budget


There are many types of potential brides who have a great appreciation for beautiful handmade rings, both engagement and wedding. A handmade ring speaks volumes – not only of the love of the giver, but also of the fine craftsmanship of the designer. Given the nature of handmade rings, there’s uniqueness to each and every item lovingly created. By definition, a handmade ring is one that hasn’t been mass-manufactured or created by a machine.

Handmade jewellery represents a solid time commitment from the jeweller – there are serious amounts of attention, and, even, yes, affection put into their masterpieces. The same cannot be said for what cursorily appears to be similar mass-produced pieces. If you are curious what’s available locally, check out the finest handmade wedding rings in Melbourne.


  • Handmade Doesn’t Mean Unattainable

In some cases, handmade jewellery – and specifically, handmade wedding rings – will cost more than rings at the local mall chain store, but it is possible to find handmade jewellery at comparable and competitive prices. The key? Shop well and do research on the Internet.

Handmade jewellery is trending – you’ll find literally thousands of photos on Pinterest of many different types of handmade jewellery.


  • Think Globally, Shop Locally

If you’re a foodie, you know that one of the most popular trends is to source your groceries locally. You can actually do the same thing with your jewellery. Who wouldn’t want to reduce their carbon footprint? It’s also important to support your local artisans, too. Artisans infuse the aforementioned time and love, but they also infuse their skill and talent, as well as energy.


  • One-of-a-Kind

When items are handmade and handcrafted, you will not have an identical item, even if the same pattern is used – simply put, because of the vagaries of hand making, there will never be an exact copy of your ring. One-of-a-kind also has practical implications, as just mentioned, but it is a statement of your fiancé’s emotional state, too. You’re not only making a declaration of love, but also acknowledging your commitment to this person and labelling the relationship “special,” as only a handmade item can.


  • Highest Quality

When anything is mass-produced and basically going through a machine mill, there’s much more of a chance for error. Quality control is much higher in an artisan’s studio. When making a precious few items, quality control is at its best.


  • Green and Eco Friendly

Handmade jewellery can be considered sustainable and you can count on your jewellery designer to source materials ethically, too.


  • Personal Touches

Giving and receiving a handmade diamond engagement ring may be the most intimate gift exchange you may ever experience in life. The designer imbues each of their handmade creations with labour-intensive energy and attention.  They know your ring well. Not that this should be a concern to you, but any artist’s heart would swell with the knowledge that the item they so lovingly designed and created was being presented as the ultimate token of love.


  • Good Timing

With the aforementioned incredible amount of time spent on handmade jewellery pieces, the value – both actual and emotional – grows exponentially. A jeweller has to consider the client they intend to receive the item, evaluate the gemstones they have for quality assurance, draw up very detailed plans, and, finally (of course), actually make the ring.


  • Hands On

Lest there be any confusion, “handmade” means exactly that – a handmade wedding ring means it’s been sawed, shaped, soldered and carved by actual human hands. No mass-production machinery will have been used to make your ring.

Clearly, you should at least consider the emotional and investment value of a handmade ring.

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    Most people love handmade goods. It’s good to know that handmade doesn’t always mean unattainable. I enjoyed reading this. Have a great day.


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