A Perfect Look for a Maid of Honor

maid of honor

Weddings are not only important for the bride and groom, but also for all those “little helpers” running around, helping with the organization and standing next to the happy couple in the spotlight during the ceremony and throughout the celebration. We all know that, among all of them, the greatest burden falls on the shoulders of the maid of honor, and she must not only keep all the strings in her hands, but also look amazing to honor and compliment the bride. So, if you have passed the audition for this important role, here’s how you can look your best on that very special day.

Find a flattering dress

maid of honor

Sure, the bride will have the final say when it comes to your dress, but as a maid of honor and the bride’s most important minion, you’ll get the chance to say what you think, so make sure that decision is made in accordance with your wishes. Here are a couple of things you should consider when picking out a dress:

  • Color: The only real rule here is: it shouldn’t be white. As for the rest, it should complement the venue décor and the wedding theme, but first and foremost, it should complement your complexion.
  • Length: Too short is a big no-no, everything else is optional.
  • Cut: The cut should be chosen based on your figure. A curvy maid of honor will look her best in semi-fitted styles that follow her curves and accentuate the waistline. A full-busted lady should look for semi-fitted dress with open neckline and nipped-in waist. If you’re on the opposite side of big bust, strapless is your go-to dress. A petite femme should wear simple silhouettes, while a tall girl should wear A-line cuts…

… and a pair of shoes to match

maid of honor

Remember your favorite pair of killer shoes that is literally killing you how uncomfortable it is, but it is just drop-dead gorgeous? Well, don’t wear that. Sure, you have to find shoes that match the occasion and the dress, but you should, by no means torment yourself, since you’ll have a lot of really important tasks and you’ll spend a couple of hours on your feet, preferably dancing. Choose between strappy heels, stylish platforms and chic pumps, but always pack a pair of flats, just in case.

Show off that hair, gorgeous

maid of honor

First of all, in order to pull off the hairstyle you want, you will need to maintain your hair healthy long before the big day. Yes, that means avoiding the hair press for some time. Also, stress and hair growth don’t go well together. So, if you want longer hair for the wedding day you should find a way to fight this menace (e.g. yoga), maintain a balanced diet, drink supplements that enhance hair growth (vitamin B, iron, zinc…) and use nourishing hair products. As for the hairstyle, here’s a hint: over-the-top dress + low-key waves, or a simple dress + elegant updo.

Final touch with makeup

Finally, makeup will seal all of your efforts and give you a complete ravishing maid of honor package. Check with the bride to see if she’s got any special ideas on her mind. In any case, it is best to go with mild makeup and neutral eye-shadow with just a pop of sparkle. After all, you shouldn’t be stealing the show from the bride. Remember, if you apply strong makeup on your eyes, you should take it easy with the lipstick, and vice versa.

Being a maid of honor comes with a lot of responsibilities, and between planning the wedding, having at the bachelorette party, and taking a part of bride’s stress on yourself, you need to make sure you look glamorous and stylish throughout the ceremony and the reception. Hopefully these tips will help.

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