A Wedding Planner: Yes or No?

wedding planner

Today we’re debating over a highly important topic, at least highly important to all those future brides and grooms (but mostly brides). This is one of those topics that will perhaps never be fully resolves, and there will never be a unanimous consensus, but we’ll try to at least put some of your concerns to rest. So, let’s dive into the world of pros and cons of hiring a wedding planner and see whether these are close to home.

A busy bee

If you can’t put your career, job and numerous other daily obligations on hold so you can take care of all the possible errands and complications that are an integral part of wedding planning – then you definitely need one. Yes, they cost, but they will save you precious time.


If your organizational skills are terrible and you know it (or you know it and don’t want to admit it) then you are definitely in need of someone that will do all the legwork for you. One of the crucial components of good event planning is time management and organizational skills, so if you’re lacking in this department, don’t waste any more time and nerves before you go hunting for someone who’ll save you from a nervous breakdown. Dress bidding, meeting with caterers, scouting for a perfect band and millions of other details may be just a tad too much for you to handle, so put your big day in the hands of a professional.

All’s good ‘till the big day

wedding planner

If you’re a Pinterest wizard and have mad organizational skills, are well-connected and decisive, chances are you don’t need a full-time wedding planner. If you’re the type of bride who knows exactly what kind of dress she wants, knows her way around the world of catering and has already envisioned her perfect wedding cake and taken care of the band, the venue and décor, you might just be in need of wedding day services, meaning that you might just require a little professional helping hand on the very day. You want everything to go swimmingly, and unlike all the months and days before the big one, you won’t be available to deal with every tiny crisis – you’ll be too busy getting your hair and makeup done. That’s why an ‘on the day’ wedding planner is a great solution to your problems as they will get your ducks in a row while you put your wedding dress on.

It’s not like one mind

You know the saying ‘too many cooks…’. Well, in case you have an opinionated mother, mother-in-law or even a future husband who wants a rustic themed wedding, while your tastes are perhaps more minimalistic, elegant, or even eclectic, this clash of the titans can lead to a hot mess. This is one of those scenarios where a wedding planner is not only recommended, they are your life-jacket.  Good wedding planner knows how to read people, and he’ll be able to reconcile all your tastes and find the middle ground that will make everyone happy. Plus, as you’re the bride, a wedding planner will always secretly be on your side so you are more likely to get all you want and when everyone else objects you can blame it on the planner!

Matters of budget

So far we’ve only covered the reasons to hire a wedding planner, but there are certain drawbacks that need to be mentioned as well so you can make an informed decision. For one, these types of services can be pricey, so if you’re planning a wedding on a budget, this additional cost won’t be good news for you. However, if you have any of the above mentioned situations, it’s still worth every penny.

Relinquishing control

One of the major downsides, particularly for brides with strong opinions and specific desires is the fact that, when you hire a wedding planner you relinquish a certain amount of control. If you’re a type A person who needs to feel like you’re the one pulling the strings, working with a planner can turn into a battlefield.

An all-inclusive venue

This isn’t exactly a con per se, but it is a good point. If your venue of choice offers that offers pre-packaged services, it’s unlikely you’ll need a planner’s services, as most of the work will already be covered and included in the price of the venue.

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