ABOTANIQ Dark Spot Diminishes

The most well-known healthy skin problem we hear from friends and reader is an uneven composition all the more particularly, those dull spots left over from our skin break out ridden high school years. To exacerbate matters, they are truly hard to dispose of (and testing to disguise) once you have them. This focused on spot treatment levels skin tone by continuously reducing dull spots and hints of past imperfections. Improved with a capable Clarity Complex, Natural Licorice Extract and vitamins A, C and E, this dedicated recipe counteracts future hyperpigmentation without bothering.

I have use the product ABOTANIQ Dark Spot Diminisher this cream specially design for those who have dark spot of their faces and which make them feel ugly and feel unconfident, trust me it’s a really good product. By using this I have saw change in my skin even the dark spot gone from my face. My skin look more clean younger than before even its lighting my skin and give glow. I have used several product before ABOTANIQ but no changes occur.


I really like this product It contain vitamins which don’t harm your skin and protect your skin with damages it’s give us fresh and younger look  even brighten your skin you can use it at day or night just clean your skin and then directly apply it to the effective areas the ingredients in this product which design not give harm to your skin you can use it all type of skin no side effects from this cream it include:

Clarity Complex A mix of science and nature that adequately restores skin radiance and secures against future harm. Clarity Complex has tackled the strong lighting up force of tyrosinase inhibitors peptides, and amino acids for the best skin tone rectifying framework. This triple activity lighting up framework forestalls staining while unmistakably reducing existing dull spots.

  • Natural Licorice Extract – A tyrosinase inhibitor that keeps hyper-pigmentation from framing for a recharged brilliance and even skin tone.
  • White Lotus Flower Extract repairs quiet and light up skin.
  • Super Calming Complex is a super mind boggling, containing Salomon’s Seal, Arnica, Cypress Nut and Malt Extracts, and represses blotchiness, advancing the sound upkeep of smaller scale course and an all the more even conditioned appearance.
  • Vitamins A, C and E are cancer prevention agent vitamins that shield cells from free radical harm

If you don’t believe me then try this product from your own self than you will surely trust on this product


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