Add That Extra Special Touch to Your Wedding Day

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Anybody who has spent any length of time being married will already know that the things which keep a marriage going are the little things. Equally, there are the special touches on your wedding day that don’t just endure in your and your spouse’s hearts, but as well in the hearts and memories of your guests. These are the things in years to come, people will remember. They are the glue that holds the day together, much as the special touches that come after are the glue that holds any marriage together.

A Special Touch Every Guest Will Appreciate

Some special touches are easier to touch upon than others. Cake is nice. Talking about toilet facilities…not so nice. If your venue is outdoors, held in a marquee or in some other way not attached to toilet and washroom facilities, this is something you need to face though.

Fortunately, it isn’t something that needs thinking too much about in order to sort out– and by sort out I mean properly. No bride wants to spend any part of her wedding day trying to fit her dream gown into a portaloo. No human being for that matter ever really wants to enter a portaloo. Then, thank goodness for the likes of Event Washrooms.

Event Washrooms provide real washroom facilities that can be hired out. That is, their facilities feature three things the standard portaloo foregoes – space, proper washroom facilities (where make-up and hair can be re-applied and tidied up etc) and luxury. Further, Event Washrooms even offer a ‘custom range’ allowing couples to not just ensure they have appropriate washroom facilities, but also get creative with decoration and style.

A special Touch to Light up Those Smiles

You have found the light of your life, that ray of sunshine that beams at you each morning and illuminates the colour in the world. What better way to express how truly special that feels and is than through light itself? Hence, most weddings involve specialist lighting of some kind, whether that’s candles, fairy lights or disco balls.

One less cliché and more impacting way to light up your big day is to consider the options made available by the likes of specialists Light It Up UK who handcraft personalised light up letters, numbers, shapes and sculptures of almost every kind. Because what the folks at Light It Up UK do is not something most people will have seen before or even be aware is available to them, it is well worth heading over to the Light It Up UK website to, dare I say it – shine some light on the possibilities.

Suffice to say, investing in the sort of lighting they provide is sure to leave a permanent afterglow in the hearts and memories of your guests.

The Special Touches that Tell Your Guests Thank You

Too often wedding favours come as an afterthought. You’ve secured the dream venue, bagged that fairytale dress, got the rings, booked the caterers…then, you remember wedding favours, something to make the tables pretty, something to elicit a giggle or give the guests something to tinker with while the speech makers prepare. Of course, nobody would hold a grudge over receiving a cheap, tacky or otherwise ‘meh’ favour; they’re too busy being overwhelmed with joy for you and your partner to notice. But that is exactly why you should notice.

Hence, one way to repay that love and genuine support is to factor favours into your budget early on. Avoid anything tacky – there’s nothing cheap or little thought over about the way they’ve been there for you or the love they have for you. So, aim to surprise guests with something that says: even on the biggest day of my life, I have not overlooked how much you have been there for me, or the fact that without your having been there I wouldn’t be here now.

Because favours which express your appreciation for your guests are a very personal thing, the form they take isn’t something anyone can just suggest – it is the fact you’ve come up with or taken the time to find the perfect favours that to a large extent makes those favours the perfect ones, after all. That said, a good place to begin any search is with wedding magazines, such as the Brides Magazine’s Wedding Favour Ideas , where you can find inspiration in abundance without getting frustrated and so tempted to simply click ‘buy’ and think ‘that will do’, as can so often happen when trawling online stores or out shopping.

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