Advantages and Disadvantages of Giving Money for a Wedding Gift

An invitation to a bridal shower can include a link or a note from the host directing guests to your wedding registry. Many people choose a registry, while others do not. Traditionally, this was the purpose of gift giving. The couple would receive items to help them set up their new home. However, today gifts may be viewed in a different way. They can be a way for family and friends to show their support and love for the couple.

Is Money an Acceptable Gift?

If the couple does not have a wedding registry, giving money as a wedding gift can be preferable to many people. Money can be pooled and used to buy large purchases that they may not be able to afford when just starting out in their new home. Perhaps they can use the money for their honeymoon. This will be a thoughtful gift that will be remembered for many years.

Another advantage to gifting money to the bride and groom is relieving the stress of trying to find something you think they will like or can use. Often, it can be difficult to decide on a gift that is suitable for both. Although they will not say it, most couples would prefer money, so they can use it for what they want.

Is Money Impersonal?

Many gift-givers might think that giving money as a wedding gift is impersonal. If you really believe a personal gift should be given, you may want to consider buying a gift for the bride and another for the groom. This is one way to ensure it is something they both will like. While a bride might love the dinnerware you gave, the groom will probably not be overly impressed. He isn’t going to say this, but men do not view household items in the same light as women.

If you would prefer to gift separate gifts to the bride and groom, you can find many ideas online, such as Orient watches, from My Gift Shop for the groom. A nice personal gift for the bride could include jewelry, handbags and wallets, or a favorite brand of perfume they might not buy for themselves often because it is expensive.

You may hesitate to give money as a wedding gift because you do not know how much is appropriate. If you give too little, you are afraid they will not think it is not enough. If you give a large amount, you worry about whether it will make them uncomfortable. If they have a registry, look at the value of gifts they have chosen and give accordingly. Your relationship to the bride and/or groom is another consideration when deciding on the amount.

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