Advice on How To Write A Best Man Speech

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Congrats, you’ve been chosen as the best man, but now it’s time to get down to business and write your best man speech! It is indeed an honor to be chosen as the best man. However, along with this honor, comes a great deal of responsibility.

You probably have a lot of question. How long should the best man speech be? Can it be humorous? What shouldn’t I say? No worries, we are here to help!

We have some best man speech tips to help you out. Read on for more advice!

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Tips on How To Write a Best Man Speech

  • Give yourself plenty of time to prepare. Don’t wait until the last minute.
  • Practice in front of an audience and ask for feedback.
  • The average length of a best man speech is 5 minutes
  • Be prepared to make a toast to the happy couple at the end
  • Talk about how you know the groom and the significance of your relationship
  • Utilize a best man speech template to give you a guideline
  • Don’t read the speech, instead use cue cards with catch phrases to trigger your memory

Dos and Don’ts of a Best Man Speech


  • Remember to thank the hosts (bride’s parent’s, etc)
  • Center your speech on the groom
  • Make sure to compliment the bride
  • Keep it up-tempo and positive
  • Open with a joke or humorous anecdote


  • Do not get intoxicated prior to giving your speech
  • Do not make lewd, tasteless or offensive jokes
  • Do not bring up the bride’s or groom’s past relationships
  • Do not say anything negative about the groom, bride, their families or other guests

Examples of Best Man Speech

Here are a few short best man speech examples to help inspire you:


“Good evening everyone. Before we hit the bar and are too drunk to remember anything I said, let me tell you about how I met (groom’s name)…..”


“Hello, my name is ___, and I am the best friend of the groom, _____. We met in prep school and were inseparable. Until he met (bride’s name). But I have never seen him happier and I know they will have many years of wedded bliss…”


“Lao Tzu once said “To love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage. “ And I have never seen a love as deep as ____ and ____”

We hope these tips on how to write a best man speech have inspired you. So what are you waiting for, man? Grab a pen and some paper and get to it!

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