Affordable Home Improvement Ideas for Newlyweds

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Many New Couples wanting to do home improvement on a budget need affordable home improvement ideas. Home improvement does not have to be an expensive task, and you can really save a lot of money by doing the work yourself.

A fresh coat of paint or a completely new color for your home’s interior or exterior can make a world of difference in the appearance of your home. The best part is that it’s inexpensive to do. One a gallon of paint will cover approximately 400-500 square feet in a single coat. You can paint an entire room with only a few gallons, which makes painting your home a very affordable home improvement idea.

Installing new carpet, tile, laminate or other types of flooring can also be a very affordable home improvement idea when you can combine your purchase with special offers. Many home improvement stores will offer free or nearly free whole house installation when you purchase the materials. This makes this one type of home improvement idea deal worth taking advantage of.

The appearance of your home can be greatly improved for little cost when you update your cabinetry hardware and light fixtures. Hardware and some paint can give your cabinets a fresh and modern look. Replacing your light fixtures is also an inexpensive option and easy to do for someone with a basic knowledge of electrical work. The best thing about this type of facelift is that you can improve the look of your entire home for only a few hundred dollars.

Many homeowners like the idea of working on their own homes. You look forward to the weekend when you can use own tools to make changes around your house. When you undertake these tasks, you can find the needed materials at your home improvement tools. The hand tools, paint, nails, siding, roofing shingles, and countless other items that prove vital to the upkeep and improvement of people’s homes.

You can also save a lot of money when you plan your home improvement projects around a big sale. Many holidays like the Christmas Day will have big sales on many home improvement items. The extra day off will also give you plenty of time to do it yourself too.

The most affordable thing about any home improvement idea is if you can do the work yourself. Labor costs for many home improvement projects can be more than 50% of the estimate. There are plenty of online videos available to show you step by step processes on how to do the project yourself.

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Country Home Design Ideas

Some of the best country home design ideas are the simplest ones. A country home is based on functionality and good living. When you are considering adopting a country home design technique, you should start with some of the basic ideas and branch out from there.

Natural Lighting

One of the elements that goes into almost any rustic or country design scheme is natural lighting. Windows are used to create a source of natural light that reduces the need for artificial lighting of any kind.

But if you want to maintain a country theme, then you will need to be careful about how you bring natural light into your home. Skylights help to bring in more natural light, but they are not elements to include in a country home design.

More Wood than Rug

The rustic and country home design theme thrives on Earth tones and natural colors. While wall to wall carpeting works very well in contemporary designs, it is not a part of a country home design.

Natural colored wood floors are the mark of a good country design. To add some color to the room, the country design scheme allows for colorful throw rugs and area rugs. But the beauty of the hardwood floor needs to be preserved.


From the wall coverings to the comforters on the beds, the country home design thrives on natural patterns as part of any design scheme. When you are creating a border for your kitchen walls, then you should include natural images of herbs and animals that are part of a country decor.

When you are putting together the coverings for your beds or the curtains for your windows, you should include images and patterns of natural items such as leaves, animals or old-fashioned country implements such as a wagon wheel. It is details like this that help to enhance your country theme.


Your country living room needs to be decorated with elements that are part of the country theme. The furniture does not need to be homemade, but it should be made of wood. Pieces such as wooden rocking chairs, winged back reading chairs and wooden tables are essential.

The fireplace in a country living room requires a wood mantle that will hold antique picture frames and other smaller elements of the country decor scheme.

It takes a particular type of design to create the ideal country home. When you have the right pieces in place, then you can enjoy the natural look and feel that a country home offers.

Affordable Interior Home Improvement Ideas

Affordable interior home improvement ideas revolve around basic aesthetics. Decide which areas of the home require the most work and concentrate the effort there. Many individuals can use what they own. Imagine an old rocking chair painted a shiny red. This is not only useful, but adds a pop of color to a room. Prepare a budget before purchasing supplies and review prices at several retailers or wholesalers for the best deals. When stores carry product or merchandise similar to cheaper online options, verify the total costs to decide if the online deal is indeed less expensive.

Easily refresh cabinets and drawers with a new coat of paint or stain if they are in good shape, yet outdated. Change the hardware as well. A new set of knobs and pull handles work wonders. If a totally new cabinet style is desired, look into cabinet refacing. It is a fraction of the cost of new, but provides the same look and feel. Bring the look of mismatched appliances together by applying appliance face panels. These fit over existing appliances and give a cohesive design to a space.

Bathrooms are one of the easiest parts of a house to makeover without spending big money. Install a new vanity sink. Add new shower curtains, bath mats and decorative towels. Change the doors on shower stalls, resurface tubs and replace the toilet.

Paint is like a big eraser and covers a multitude of sins. Basic white does not always display a home in its best light. Adding a fresh coat of paint to interior walls refreshes any area. Brighten a kitchen with a sunny yellow. Use cool blues, grays, and greens in bathrooms.

In homes with wood floors, have a company sand and refinish them. Pull up torn vinyl and upgrade to new laminate floors. They are great in high-traffic rooms like kitchen and bathrooms. Laminate flooring is designed to resemble stone, wood and other styles, but require less care. In some cases, homeowners may be able to apply the laminate over existing floors, lessening the amount of work.

Add some art to walls, grouping similar ideas. One example would be a wall that features clocks of different shapes and sizes. Find inexpensive art in thrift stores and paint the frames to match.

There are several simple and low-cost ways to effectively improve the interior of a home, thus increasing its appeal and value. A home with good structure can go from mediocre to meticulous with just a few tweaks.

Budget Ideas for Home Improvement

Are you ready to make some major changes to your home but are worried that your budget won’t allow it? You might be surprised at the difference some very inexpensive improvement projects can make to liven up a room or change the look of your home. Check out these budget ideas for home improvement and see what works for you.

1. Paint

It’s difficult to get more bang for your decorating buck than a gallon of paint. Whether you are thinking about giving your living room an accent wall that brings out the color of your furniture or you want to give your entire home a different feel, paint is one of the best ways to make an inexpensive change to your home. Talk to the employees in your local home improvement store’s painting department, and you can probably get some great advice and painting tips for free as well.

2. Shop secondhand

Take the time to cruise the local garage sales and thrift stores. You might be amazed by the treasures that people have chosen to part with. Additionally, if you are willing to learn how to restore wood furniture, you can purchase a piece that initially doesn’t appear to match and customize it until it’s perfect for your home.

3. Add inexpensive embellishments

Items like curtains and slipcovers can completely change the feel of a room. Choose dark velvety curtains to give a room a dramatic or exotic feel, or pick light and gauzy curtains to give your room the feeling of a romantic getaway. Slipcovers not only protect your furniture but can make it look completely different.

4. Learn to do it yourself

Many home improvement stores and even community colleges offer free or inexpensive classes on how to do projects around the house yourself. You could learn how to hang wallpaper, install carpet or even more complex tasks like remodeling your bathroom. Often labor is the most expensive part of any project. By doing the work yourself, you could save a bundle.

5. Look for sales and shop wholesalers

Do you really need to have this season’s tiles in your bathroom? Check with local stores for designs and styles that are going on clearance to score great savings. Additionally, more and more wholesalers are opening up their warehouses to the general public — another way to score some incredible deals.

Finally, you need to decide what should you do and how to you do.


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