African Bridal Hairstyles 2021 

All the African brides-to-be this is the place where you will find the best hairstyles suitable for your wedding day. To make your day as special as you are.

A hairstyle is no less than an ornament for women, which amplifies their beauty manifolds and no doubt, the charm of a woman lays incomplete without her hairstyle.

May it be a small get-together or a big occasion like a wedding, the hairstyle must remain the best.

For all the black women out there, if your wedding is in a month or two itself and you have less time to plan your hairdo, then without wasting time let me provide you with the best bridal hairstyles.

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Seven appropriate wedding hairstyles 2021 for black women are:-

1.     One Side Curls: Short Hair

One-sided curls will look perfect for those black women, having short curly hair and a bouncing look. A very cool yet modern look to slay on the occasion of a wedding. Wearing the heavy dress along with carrying natural one-sided curls will make you comfortable and worry-free. That will allow you to enjoy and dance on your big day.

2.     Tiara with Layers: Medium Hair

Most Nigerian women have curly hair, but for those with straight hair, this look is for you. To give a bouncy effect to your normal straight hair, giving it a layered haircut will justify your bridal hairdo perfectly. To add more effect and beauty, a white color tiara with stones all around it will complete your hair-do within minutes.

3.     All Braided: Medium Hair

If your marriage ceremony is fixed in the month of hot summer, then this hairstyle will help you a lot from the weather condition. All braided looks are preferred for the medium as well as long hair length. If you can’t resist banging the dance floor then try this braided hair look for your hairstyle to stay even if you dance all day, all night.

4.     Coloured Extension Bun: Short Hair

Struggling to find a bold and unique hairstyle, here it is Coloured Extension Bun. You can get hair extensions or a colorful streak around the crown area. After that, you can simply make a bun of it. The highlighted streaks will make your bun look more attractive. In addition, you can add artificial flowers to make your bridal hairstyle look more impactful.


5.     Puff With low flowery bun: Long Hair

For a slim face, puff with a low flowery bun will be the best suitable bridal hairdo. This hairstyle will make your slim and sober face into a heavy and bold one. Always go for a different hairstyle that you haven’t tried even once.


6.     Classic Cornrows: Long Hair

Cornrows are one of the tribal braids that most women prefer. If you want to have a braiding look then go with classic cornrows. This hairstyle will represent your status and culture too. And apart from cornrows braid you can try lemonade braids which is also look like cornrows hairstyles.


7.     Floral hairband with open hair: All types of hair

These hairstyles will suit all African women. Whether they have short or long hair. This one is the simple look that one can opt for. To give more glory and attention to the wedding gown, this simple subtle look will suit them best.

Quick Tip: After setting up your desired hairstyle, do not forget to settle it with hairspray. As it will make sure that your day starts with the same hairstyle and lasts till the end of the day.

After all, it’s your day, why not rock it up in your way? Try these African bridal hairstyles trending in 2021 to amplify your look on the lifetime memorable occasion. As per my suggestion, these were the best classy black wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids.

Get ready to be clicked with these wedding hairstyles.

Sending all the good wishes along!

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