Airbrush Makeup for Your Wedding: Why you should or shouldn’t

A lot of girls dream about the big day long before it eventually happens. They have an entire plan on how everything is supposed to go and how they want to look. How you look can affect your day greatly. It affects how you feel on the big day, it has an effect on your wedding pictures and it even affects how people look at you. That’s why today we’re going to talk about airbrush makeup!

Airbrush makeup is one way to get flawless skin. But there are some pros and cons you need to know before you decide if airbrush makeup is something for you.

So without further ado, below you’ll find all the pros and cons there are for airbrush makeup on your wedding day!

What are the pros of airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup lasts all-day

This is probably one of the most important pros of airbrush makeup. It is your big day and you don’t want to spend time (or more than necessary) adjusting your makeup every now and then. This is not the case with airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup is silicone-based, which means that it lasts longer than normal makeup. It also is more water-resistant than regular makeup which can help greatly if your wedding is (sadly) on a rainy day.

A flawless finish is within your reach

Another great pro is the fact that airbrush makeup can be evenly applied across your face. This not only makes it easy to apply but it also gives you the smooth finish that you see celebrities walk with on the red carpet. A flawless finish is also great for pictures. You always look your absolute best!

Layering is made easy with airbrush makeup

The great thing about airbrush makeup is the fact that is easy to layer. This gives you the freedom to customize your look! You can go for light coverage, for full coverage, or for anything in between. This is because airbrush makeup is sprayed on in fine layers and it dries quickly. This gives you the opportunity to make it just as you like it!

Another great thing is that it almost doesn’t matter what kind of skin you have. Every skin type will see benefits when using the airbrush method. Dry skin? Yes, it works great, combination skin? check! Yes, even spraying airbrush makeup on oily skin works great (it is actually the skin type that will see the most benefits from it)

You don’t have to use too much

Have you ever seen a bride (or someone on a regular day) and it just seems like they wear a heavy coat of makeup? This is not the case when using airbrush makeup. It won’t feel like you’re wearing thick layers of makeup. Actually, it gives you the flawless finish you dream of! This is because airbrush makeup requires less product than the regular product you would use. So, you need less product and it gives you better coverage!

Okay, now I’ve mentioned a couple of benefits, but as you might expect, there are also some cons that you need to keep in mind. Below you’ll find the cons when using airbrush makeup on your wedding day.

What are the cons of airbrush makeup?

Re-blending is harder to do

We all know that a wedding day can be an emotional rollercoaster. Even if you’re only a guest. Imagine how the bride feels! There is a chance that she would let a tear fall down her face when she says “I do” and that is bad news for airbrush makeup. This is because it is harder to fill in those spots with airbrush makeup than it would be with regular makeup. But, there’s hope. If the makeup is applied properly and you let it dry completely, this shouldn’t be an issue if it’s only a tear or two.

Fewer options of color to choose from

Even though airbrush makeup is a great choice for your wedding makeup and also for every skin type, it is sad to see that you have fewer shade options than you normally do. This is because the type of foundation that is used for this kind of makeup is different from regular makeup. So, there are just fewer shades made. Before you decide to go for airbrush makeup on your big day, it is wise to check if they have your color!

It is more expensive

It is no secret that makeup artists consider airbrush makeup as an extra service they provide. That’s why they charge more for it. Expect to pay around $50 more than you should normally do with regular makeup. Even though it is more expensive, it also creates better results which will show your entire day. It is up to you whether or not you want this extra service :).

It can be flaky

I stated earlier that airbrush makeup is a great choice no matter which skin type you have. Now, this is true, but when you have dry skin, there is a possibility that the makeup may begin to flake. It is always advisable to check with your local beauty expert whether or not airbrush makeup will be a good choice for you on your wedding day. Normally, when you treat your dry skin right with a good skincare routine, nothing can go really wrong… But please, check it with your makeup artist so that you know for sure!

What to keep in mind when making the decision?

When done well, airbrush makeup can look fantastic on your wedding day. It is very important that you choose a makeup artist who has a lot of experience with it and ideally you should try it before your wedding day. You don’t want to get any surprises on your wedding day, so find someone with experience and check before the wedding day how it would look.

Also, keep in mind that your skin should be in a good condition when applying airbrush makeup. I know, it works well for all skin types, but it works better when you treat your skin right.


So, by now, you hopefully know that airbrush makeup for your wedding day could be a great option for you! But, please know that the most important part of this all is to remember that your makeup choice should be the one that makes you feel beautiful. It doesn’t matter what other people are saying! Hopefully, this information has allowed you to make a decision! And, enjoy your wedding day!

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