All about Burma Ruby and the Corundum stone family

burma ruby

Corundum is a crystallized matter and gets shiny when polished. Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, and many crystallized stones are a type of Corundum. At the same time, Burma Ruby is the most precious type of Corundum. It is not available locally and is considered to be the rarest stone.

Burma Ruby, its mining and usage

Burma Rubies are found in Burma, Myanmar; that’s the reason rubies that are mined from Burma are called Burma Rubies. These are considered to be the rarest kind of rubies. Its color varies from pink to dark blood red color. Blood red Burma Ruby is the most expensive ruby. However, its price also depends on size, quality, and shape. The price of Burma Ruby is usually high because these are not easily available, and the best quality is being exported from Myanmar. Rubies are considered to be the most popular in jewelry. It is placed in traditional jewelry and is very long-lasting. Burma Ruby weight is done is carats, and carats play an important part in determining rubies value and price. Burma rubies have a hardness of 9.0mm. Naturally occurring rubies are dull, and one has to get them polished. Polishing gems can be very tricky because these stones are rubbed with harsh chemicals to restore the shine; however, excessive rubbing can break a stone, or its color could also fade. Real Burma Rubies are mined from Mogok Valley, and then from there, they are exported worldwide.

Up till now, there is no other huge Ruby mine has been discovered in any other country, and they are found only in Burma. Burma Rubies have a magical look; they look extremely beautiful wherever they are used and look really appealing to the eyes. These rubies are considered to be the finest rubies and are being loved by generations. Burma Rubies looks beautiful in all colors, and when they are placed in any ornament, it looks royal. 

Burma ruby

Top Trending Burma Ruby

Nowadays, these rubies are used mostly in engagement rings and look really promising; however, you can get a Burma Ruby necklace or a bracelet too. Investing in rubies would also be a great option because their value keeps increasing. There is also a myth about rubies that they get shiny with time. And in old times, people used to keep them with full safety. Burma Rubies are considered to be a really nice present to gift someone, and now it has become a tradition in weddings to gift a valuable thing, so if you are looking to gift something at weddings or on a special occasion, Burma Ruby would be a great option. 

Corundum stone family

The Corundum family includes Ruby and Sapphire. Corundum has a very high density and is considered to be a hard stone. After Diamond, Corundum is the second strongest gem and is used for many purposes rather than in pieces of jewelry. Finding good quality Corundum is very difficult, and now even fake stones have the same finish, and one has to look very carefully while buying. Ruby is the red shade of Corundum, and all the other colors, green, blue, or even colorless stones, come under Sapphire. Ruby and Sapphire are very popular all around the world, and many people wear one of these stones on a daily basis.

The biggest blocks of rubies and sapphires are being displayed in the museums, and one can go and have a look at the beautiful nature reserves. They are polished and look fine. 1 or 2 Carats of corundum gems are easily available; however, it gets really difficult to find a good 4 to 3 carat stone. Now, as the mines are blocked to make roads, mining these gems has become really difficult. As the supply has become really low, prices have increased, and buying a real sapphire or ruby has become really difficult. In some parts of the world, Rubies with 4 to 5 carats are available; however, finding a sapphire of 4 to 5 carats is extremely rare all around the world. Similarly, one can find good quality small sapphires easily; on the other hand, finding small rubies of good quality is very difficult, and it also gets expensive to buy a small ruby. 

Availability and buying of Burma Ruby

The availability of rubies has decreased because their mining has been stopped, but workers are mining Sapphire, and thus, they are easily available nowadays. Large-size rubies are mined in Sri Lanka, and smaller ones are found in Burma. In Australia, finding 1 Carat of Sapphire is very difficult, and one has more chances of getting it in a bigger size rather than a tiny one. Original stones have a crystalized body, and they have a slightly rough surface, and one has to get them polished.

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