All The Wonders Of A Beach Wedding

beach wedding

Your wedding is going to be a wondrous day no matter where you have it. A church, in a field… or on the beach! But we have to say, out of all of the venue ideas, having it on a lovely white beach somewhere tropical does sound like the best idea. It’s as though your wedding and your honeymoon are rolled into one, and you can just truly relax as soon as the wedding is over. But we do understand that there are a fair few pros and cons to this idea, and that’s why we’ve created this article. We want to show you some of the wonders of a beach wedding, and how you could turn this fabulous idea of a venue, into your actual idea of a venue. Even if this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea at the minute, we guarantee by the end of reading this that your mind might have changed just a little bit! So sit back, relax, and have a read of the beachy wedding info we’ve got below.

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We’ll Start With The Cons

We might as well start with the cons, because the cons are so few and far between, that we really do think they’ll be nothing to sway you off. Unless of course you’re desperate for a big wedding with hundreds of people there, then it might not be for you. In our opinion, the only real con is that everyone you want to come, won’t be able to come. Although, if you book it far enough in advance, there’s no reason why people can’t book it off work, and if people really do want to be there, they will make their way there no matter how it happens. So, what you’ll be left with, is a group of people who truly care about you, and the only people that should really be at your wedding, no matter where it is!

The Wedding Venue Itself

Now this is something to shout about. Because you know the weather is going to be beautiful, you know the sea is going to be crashing behind you, and you know the gentle breeze is going to keep you cool. The venue of a beach wedding is usually at a hotel, which will organise the service as long as the food with it. But if you were not looking to stop in a hotel, you could look at home rentals close by. Even though you’re not staying there, most hotels will still put on the show for you, and let us tell you, the cost of doing so is far cheaper than it would ever be for a normal wedding in your home country. You would save thousands by doing this!

The Ease Of It All

This is the thing that should really tip your decision over the edge. A beach wedding is just so easy, and the day just flows by with the sun on your bones. You will feel so relaxed, the pressure truly will be off, and the most stressful part of it all will actually be getting to your destination in one piece, and with all of your wedding attire with you!

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