Alternative Hair Ideas For A Non-Traditional Wedding

non-traditional wedding

A wedding is often driven by traditions that have been going for years. The white dress, the cake, the throwing of the bouquet. All of that stuff is great but it doesn’t always make for a very personal wedding day because a lot of the decisions are made for you already. That’s why a lot of people are deciding to scrap a lot of those traditions and come up with their own non-traditional wedding ideas instead. That doesn’t mean you have to have some crazy wedding without any of the usual stuff but you can inject a bit of your own personality into the day.

non-traditional wedding

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A lot of people are deciding to do the wedding outside of the church and choose a different, more interesting venue instead. You could have a beach wedding during the summer, or choose one of your favorite places and get married there instead. The cake is another tradition that couples are often leaving behind. The big, multi-layered cake is expensive and a little unnecessary because it rarely gets eaten anyway. Why not try a cake that you both actually like instead of sticking with the traditions? Having weddings in the morning is also a popular trend at the moment; instead of getting married in the afternoon and having an evening reception, you can have the ceremony in the morning and have a brunch reception instead. It’s a lot cheaper if you do it this way because your caterer and bands etc. are likely to charge far less because they can still get to another event in the evening. People are also likely to drink less at a morning function so you aren’t spending as much there. All of these non-traditional wedding ideas make for a far more personal day so it’s something worth thinking about when you’re planning your big day.

If you’re going for a non-traditional wedding, you’re probably not going to want to have the same old dress that everybody else does. If you’re changing up the dress then you may as well try something a bit more adventurous when it comes to your hair as well. These are some of the best alternative ideas for your wedding hairstyle.


If you really want to do something that stands out, why not try coloring your hair? If you don’t want to go too out of the ordinary you could just put a few highlights in but if you’re not bothered about sticking to wedding conventions at all, it’s really up to you what you do. Dyeing your hair a bright color is also a good way to inject a bit of your own personality if you’re not sure about getting rid of your traditional white dress. That way, you can have the best of both worlds.

Hair Accessories

 non-traditional wedding

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If you’re not keen on the idea of coloring or getting a completely new hairstyle, you can jazz things up a little with some hair accessories. A nice flower hair accessory gives you a more interesting look but it’s still in keeping with the classic wedding aesthetic if you don’t want to stray too far from traditions. It’s a good way of subtly adding something of yourself while maintaining a standard wedding outfit.


If you’ve got shorter hair, a lot of the traditional wedding styles just won’t suit you. If you still want to look great, why not consider bangs? You can get some great bangs ideas online to show your stylist on the big day. It’s also a lot easier to do than an intricate style so you won’t have to sit around for as long on the morning of your wedding.

Braided Bun

 non-traditional wedding

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If one of your priorities is comfort and ease, a long flowing hairstyle can be a bit of a pain, especially if you’re getting married on a hot summer’s day. One of the best hairstyles that’s comfortable yet still looks great is a braided bun. You’ll probably need a professional stylist to do for you because it’s pretty intricate to do but it’s worth it.

Hair Bow

Putting a bow in your hair is a great option for accessories, it’s something a little different and a bit more light hearted. Even better than a bow accessory is making your hair itself into a bow. You can be sure that nobody else will be doing it and it makes for some great pictures. It’s also a lot easier than you’d think to do it.

There’s no point in planning a non-traditional wedding if you aren’t going to commit to it fully and try one of these interesting hair ideas.


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