Alternatives to an Evening Gown for a Formal Event

Are you tired of wearing the same dress to every event you attend? Or are you tired of the dress in general? Try one of these alternatives to an evening gown.

The holidays are approaching quickly and with it brings holiday parties and formal events. Why not take this opportunity to show off your sense of fashion and wear one of these alternatives to an evening gown?

Fancy Trousers

Pants have undergone seriously gorgeous upgrades over the years. You’d be hard-pressed to find bland pants now. You’ll find trousers layered in sparkly sequins, fun patterns, and even embroidery. Pair your pants with a silky blouse or a fabulous sweater. Top the outfit off with a blazer for a chilly fall evening. Add a pair of heels or wedges to take your style over the top.

A Pantsuit

Celebrities and runway models have rocked pantsuits on red carpet events for a few years now. Pantsuits are great for any occasion, from wearing one on your wedding day to a formal gala. They are incredibly stylish while also providing more comfort throughout the night than a traditional evening gown. Pantsuits come in various patterns and shimmering options, so you’re sure to find one you adore.


I sure do love a good jumpsuit. These are easier to wear than a gown. Just slide your jumpsuit on, and you’re ready to go. We’ve seen many jumpsuits on celebrities gracing the red carpet for many years. I think I spy a trend: women are wearing what makes them feel comfortable and beautiful.

You can get creative with a jumpsuit and pair a sweater over the top for a fashionable look for your next formal event. Pair the jumpsuit with a pair of sequined sneakers for an outfit that screams comfy but stylish.

Midi or Long Skirts

Another alternative to an evening gown for a formal eventto consider is a full-length or midi skirt. Yes, the skirt is close to a dress, but it also allows you to get more creative since you pick out a top. Skirts come in various fabrics and lengths, giving you ample room to add your unique twist. Try out a velvet skirt this fall or go for something shiny and try a metallic full-length skirt. 

And don’t forget your accessories! Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings pull an outfit together and complete the look.

It’s 2021; people are becoming less afraid to show their authentic selves through fashion. You’re allowed to get creative and since most of us aren’t celebrities or influencers, use your next formal event as a personal red carpet.

Photo by Darko Mitev on Unsplash

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