Antique Engagement Rings: Where To Buy In 2020

If you are looking to ask that magic question this year, your thoughts will quickly turn to the ring, and if you are sure she prefers antiques, then an antique diamond engagement ring is the perfect choice. The global pandemic has caused serious economic issues, and with social distancing and the risk associated with Covid-19, people are trying to limit human contact, which is perfectly understandable.

Beware of Reproductions

As you would expect with such rare and valuable pieces, there are many reproductions out there and by forging an alliance with an established online antique dealer, you are always assured of genuine items that are fairly priced. Once you have found a ring that you think is perfect, arrange a private viewing, when you can meet with the antique dealer, and with their guarantee of authenticity, you know you are getting the real thing.

The Online Antique Dealer

Imagine being able to view every single antique diamond engagement ring for sale, without even leaving your home! The Internet has made it easy for us to find just about anything, including handmade Art Deco diamond rings, which would have been difficult to spot in our nearby jewellery shops.

Meticulous collectors have their own trusted online dealers and it won’t be that hard for you to find one to get your ring from. Just follow these collectors’ steps or do a bit of a research, which is not that hard these days due to the power of the internet. Once you’ve found a dealer you can trust, simply send an online image of a particular ring that you like, if you can find one, and the dealer can start searching for something similar.

Comparing Pieces And Prices

The great thing about the World Wide Web is that you can search many antique dealers from the comfort of your own home, and each would have an impressive collection of fine antique diamond rings. If you are planning a surprise proposal, make sure you have her ring size, which you can compare with the ring you are looking to buy. Knowing her taste in jewellery as you do, you can confidently select a ring that she will love. If you have yet to decide how and where you will pop the question, a search on your preferred browser should lead you to articles that talk about novel ways to propose, which might give you some inspiration.

Take Your Time

Hopefully, the engagement is planned well in advance and you can start to look at rings offered by the online antique dealers – some focus on jewellery more than furniture – and after some browsing, you might have a shortlist of 5 or 6 pieces. If your bride-to-be knows about the proposal, then she should certainly have some say in the ring design. After all, she will be wearing it for the rest of her life. Many men prefer to lose the surprise element and be absolutely sure she loves the ring, which is a fair trade-off.

Acquiring an antique diamond ring is most certainly a wise investment and when you buy from a reputable dealer, then you can be sure that the ring is genuine and the price is fair. Of course, you would never consider selling the ring, but its value will increase over time and this could be the start of a family heirloom, something that you hand down to your children when they reach that stage of their lives.

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