Art Deco Jewellery Styles & Trends For 2023

The glorious era of Art Deco was said to have originated at the turn of the 20th century when the Society of Art & Design (SAD) was established in France, with a similar organisation emerging in Italy a few years later. From that time, bold geometric designs were seen in every aspect of society.

If you are looking to upgrade your antique jewellery collection, here are a few stunning pieces to look for:

  • Gold & Platinum Diamond Earrings – A stunning combination of 18k gold and platinum, each earring has a central diamond surrounded by 6 smaller stones for a stunning arrangement of sparkling hand-set diamonds. You can wear them at any formal event, and they also work for cocktails and drinks with friends.
  • Amethyst & Pearl Pendant – 15-carat gold blends perfectly with blue amethyst and pearls; this pendant can be worn on any occasion and makes for a nice statement piece for a minimalist look. The amethyst is suspended inside a gold ring, which is a real head-turner and you can find such pendants on the antique dealer’s website.
  • 5-Stone Ruby Ring In 18ct Gold – This would make for the perfect engagement ring for a girl that loves deep red rubies. With 5 oval rubies set in rose gold settings, such a ring would be hard to find. If you would like to view a stunning collection of Art Deco jewellery pieces, search online for a leading antique dealer and check out their amazing catalogue of authentic Art Deco jewellery. Always buy vintage rings online from a reputable source to ensure you are getting authentic pieces of the best quality.
  • Rose Gold 8-Strand Bracelet – Perfect for bling, a 9-carat rose gold bracelet that is chic and loud at the same time is an Art Deco piece. Check out the 8 link chains with supports that keep the bracelet always looking elegant. To find rare pieces such as this, you need to regularly browse the website of a leading antique dealer, as they have an extensive catalogue of Art Deco jewellery, as well as from other periods.
  • Sterling Silver & Enamel Butterfly Brooch – Natural beauty that adds a lovely natural blue to your look, this stunning brooch is framed in 9-carat gold, with amazing wing detail. This will quickly become your favourite accessory and take pride of place in your jewellery box. It would be perfect for the nature lover with a free spirit. There are many fine examples of butterfly brooches made in the 1930s when you browse the online antique dealer’s platform.

One thing is for sure, 2024 will be the year of rich colour, so have a look at your antique jewellery collection and see what you have. If you would like to view a collection similar to the items listed above (and so much more), search with Google for the leading antique dealer and browse the many fine Art Deco jewellery pieces that are available.

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