Avoid These Mistakes While Converting A PDF

Books and other documents are no longer confined within pages. You can now access them on any electronic device in the form of a soft copy.

Thus, receiving education and keeping up with the work done in official spaces have become way more convenient.

You no longer need to depend on meeting your supervisor in order to submit your work because PDFs have made it very easy to convey your work.

Not only can you have a soft copy of everything that you want to be documented, but you can also edit PDF to make necessary changes.

Moreover, you will find that a PDF file only gives you the option of searching any word and sharing the file.

Thus, nobody can make any unsolicited changes to the file. But, often, people end up making mistakes while handling a PDF file.

This article attempts to highlight a few common mistakes that you must avoid when you are using a PDF file.

Printing a file to add a signature

Most people are not very advanced when it comes to online learning. Thus, when they are presented with an online form to sign, they are stumped.

The most common way people deal with this problem is to print the PDF, sign their name, then scan the file again to make a soft copy.

Not only does this involve more time and effort, but it also degrades the quality of the PDF. There is a more convenient way of adding a signature to your file.

All you need to do is use a PDF converter and choose the Add Sign option from the application. This option lets you add a signature without having to print the file.

Adding an image of low quality

If the PDF file you have made will only be used as a soft copy, then the quality of the images added in the file does not hold much importance.

But, if the PDF will be printed in the future, the low-quality image will affect the quality of the printed file and may not be legible.

Thus, it is advisable to add good quality images to make sure that the quality of the PDF is maintained regardless of whether it is in soft or hard copy.

Collaborating on a PDF file

If you have to share a file with someone, it is not advisable to continue using that format. PDFs are perfect for sharing work that has been completed.

But, working on a file together becomes inconvenient on a PDF. Thus, it is better to convert the PDF to Word.

Making large PDFs

If you make a PDF that is large in size, it will be difficult for you to share the file through email. This becomes quite inconvenient when you have to send it to someone.

Thus, the smarter way of handling this problem would be to compress the file before proceeding to share it with anybody.


PDFs are extremely convenient and have definitely enhanced the way of learning and working.

They can be utilized to their fullest advantage only if the aforementioned mistakes are avoided.

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