Avoid Wedding Planning Stress With These Savvy Guidelines

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Let’s be realistic – planning your wedding can be an incredibly stressful experience. And although there are no guarantees, the chances are that the more stress you feel when planning the big day, the more likely it is there will be enormous pressures throughout the ceremony, reception, and party.

However, there are a few things you can do to ensure your planning goes perfectly, and by the time the wedding day arrives, everything will be under control, and your celebration will go off with a bang. Let’s take a look at how you can avoid wedding day stresses and strains, just by employing some simple tips.

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The basics

First of all, just because this process is all about making things as simple as possible, it doesn’t mean you have to have a simple and ‘barebones’ day. Of course, there will be stresses and strains in the planning period, and if you plan on having a traditional wedding, there will be plenty of things that can go wrong. The idea here it to plan sensibly, give you plenty of time and think about all the fluff and additional aspects of a wedding that you might not need.

Discuss what you want

First of all, don’t be beholden to tradition. You will find that a lot of people will expect you to go down the traditional route, but never forget that this is your day – you can do what you like, regardless of the pressures put on you by pushy parents or wedding-crazed friends. There are certain aspects – the legal ceremony, witnesses, and all that jazz – that you must do, of course. But everything else? It’s completely down to you. Make a list of everything you want and discard any extras that you don’t care for – it’s that simple.

Get some help

There is much to be planned for even the smallest of weddings. So don’t be afraid to ask for help, as you don’t have to do everything by yourselves. Friends and family will be happy to take on some responsibilities, of course, and there are wedding planning companies who will take over the reins for a fee. That said, when you do ask for help, you will need to be ready to hear plenty of suggestions and advice – some of it will be useful, other parts less so.

Make your guest list

The wedding guest list is such a tricky thing to get right. But don’t let it stress you out – invite who you want, not who you think should come because you feel you have to invite them. Give people plenty of notice, too, and ask them to reply as early as possible – ‘respond by x’ dates are entirely reasonable.

Use the right people for the right jobs

Finally, make sure your ushers, best men, bridesmaids, family and friends all know what they need to do. A few practice run-throughs can make things fun, and if you are only giving people small jobs, they will be able to do them with no problem at all. And one more thing before we go – contact all the wedding suppliers a week before the event, just to go through the details one last time. You can then spend the build up week in happiness and serenity before the nerves start to kick in. We hope you have a beautiful day – good luck!


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