Bachelorette Party Ideas for Introverted Brides

introverted brides

Calling all maids of honor! Are you having a hard time planning the bachelorette for your introverted friend? We get it. Here are five ideas she’ll love.

Social media is full of bridal parties going absolutely wild. Most of them have tons of bridesmaids and an apparently limitless budget—as well as the energy to stay out until dawn. If that just isn’t your bride’s style, we can help. Here are some great bachelorette party ideas for introverted brides.

Camping Trip

If she’s the outdoorsy type, a weekend camping trip fits the bill. There are plenty of activities to do, depending on how active she is. For the athletic bride, mountain biking or hiking might be perfect.

If she’d rather chill, a few relaxing days in nature is just what she needs. Go swimming, hammocking, or stargazing with the bridal party. And if you don’t feel like sleeping on the ground, many campgrounds also have cabins available.

Game Night

This is perfect both for brides who prefer a night in with friends and those on a tighter budget. Make fancy cocktails for her and the rest of the bridesmaids to enjoy. Pick out some games she’ll like based on her interests.

If she loves the Renaissance Faire, playing a game of D&D might be her perfect night in. Drunk Jenga is perfect for girls who love to get a little rowdy with their closest friends, and Cards Against Humanity always brings the laughs. A night in with the girls is also the perfect time for the bride to give out the cute bridesmaids’ gifts she’s chosen; if she can’t figure out what to get you all, don’t be afraid to give her some pointers. After all, she’s already got a lot on her plate!

Cooking Class

If the bride loves to cook, take her to a unique cooking class. Learning how to make an out-of-the-box meal or elaborate dessert might be the perfect bachelorette event. You’ll get cute photos with the bridal party and learn something new! Plus, these events usually serve wine; what could be better?

Movie Date

This is for the low-maintenance bride—or the stressed-out one. Sometimes, a chill, no-pressure date night with the girls is the perfect night out. It gives her downtime to relax and hang out with all her friends before the big day without worrying about running late or being hungover. Plus, who doesn’t love watching rom-coms or horror movies with their best friends?

Bach Weekend: Relaxation Edition

If your introverted brides has her heart set on a trip for her bachelorette party, here’s an idea: change the destination. These parties tend to choose buzzing cities like Palm Springs or Las Vegas, but that isn’t everyone’s scene—especially if they’re not the outgoing type.

Look into quieter destinations for your weekend away, like a girls’ weekend in the stunning Willamette valley. From wine tastings to outdoor concerts, there are plenty of things to do. Don’t forget to schedule a spa day, either!

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