Bachelorette Party Ideas That Don’t Involve Clubbing

Clubbing is so yesterday for bachelorette parties. Today, women are choosing more sophisticated ideas to celebrate the bride-to-be. Get fresh ideas here!

The traditional bachelorette party has fallen by the wayside. People are now more creative in finding ways to throw a fun bon voyage to singlehood with their closest friends and family. The planning of the bachelorette party often falls to the maid of honor, a sister, a friend, or even the bride. Anything goes, but what still matters is that everyone has a great time. Follow along as we look at some fun bachelorette party ideas that don’t involve clubbing.

Airbnb Weekend

A weekend getaway is always a welcome gesture or surprise. The bride-to-be is under plenty of stress, so a weekend away from it all is the perfect way to relax. Look for a house to rent that is big enough for everyone to spread out and get comfy. You know the bride well, so choose according to her personality. Would she prefer a quiet cabin in the woods or a fancy downtown condo in the city?

A Spa Day

A day at the spa never hurt anyone. Plus, your friend who is soon to be married needs pampering and beauty treatments before the big day. Choose a spa where you all can enjoy a glass of wine while sitting in your white robes and reminisce about your glory days before marriage.

A Vineyard Tour

For the sophisticated bride or one who simply loves vino, a bachelorette wine tour is elegant and fun. One of the reasons to choose a wine tour for the bachelorette party is because they often include everything for the day. Wine, fabulous food, walking and talking, and sometimes travel all make a vineyard party an excellent choice.


Paint-and-sip parties involve sipping cocktails and wine while enjoying some painting on canvases. There are two options for the paint-and-sip: you can go to a painting studio that welcomes this type of event, or you can plan your own paint-and-sip bachelorette party. Either way, the event is simple and perfect for enjoying an evening of conversation with your friends.

Yoga Retreat

Everyone has their thing, and if the bride-to-be is a true yogi, she may love it if you all join her on a yoga retreat. Yoga retreats offer more than yoga; they include time for relaxation, socializing, eating, and meditation. What better way to prepare for a walk down the aisle?

Luxury Hotel Escape

Steal your bride-to-be friend and whisk her away to a luxury hotel for a weekend of fine dining and laughs. Luxury hotels offer world-class restaurants and bars and room service so you can all hang in your pajamas together in the morning. This idea is like the sleepovers you all had when you were kids, but now it’s the grown-up version.

Searching for bachelorette party ideas that don’t involve clubbing is part of the fun. Enjoy brainstorming, and remember to keep the bride’s personality in mind. What matters most is that you are making memories!

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