Bathroom selfie walls for your wedding

Bathroom selfie walls are becoming more popular it’s a way of self-expression and share with friends. They are also the perfect and fun add on during your wedding.

Bathroom selfie walls also provide the opportunity for different businesses to stand out and create a fascinating experience for their customers. The rise of bathroom selfie walls is an innovative idea to take a more classical and unique selfie.

Creating a Bathroom Selfie Wall for your wedding

Create a unique atmosphere: Bathroom selfie walls are a well-known trend today. If you want to make your bathroom look more stylish and add a little surprise during your wedding. You can add flowers or other wedding decoration to create a romantic look.

Personalize space: A bathroom selfie wall is a great way to show off your personality choose a theme or color that you love and that best describes your personality

Step-by-Step Guide to Create Your Own Bathroom Selfie Wall

It might seems hard creating your own bathroom selfie wall. Here is the step-by -step guide that will help you to create more fascinating and unique selfie wall.

1.choose a theme;

Select a theme that reflects who you are. Focus on styles that suit your personality. You may also gather ideas for themes from several magazines and do a thorough study before settling on a suitable theme. Choose a theme that will make you happy.

2.Gather your supplies:

For creating more attractive selfie walls you will need these supplies including screws, drills, tape, brushes, and paints.

3.Measure and mark your wall:
For making the perfect selfie wall proper measurement is important you will need a tape measure and level to measure and mark your wall.

4.Painting: choosing the perfect paint in the bathroom is important. Lack of color or inappropriate use of color makes your bathroom dull. Choosing the perfect paint can also affect your mood.

5.Hang your decorations: Decorating your bathroom selfie wall is another way to add more charm environment to take a perfect photo. You can hang paintings on the wall.

6.Take your selfies: Now if your wall is fully decorated,  take a perfect selfie!  tag your friends and family.

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Bathroom selfie walls at your wedding

Bathroom selfie walls are great entertainment for your wedding. Creating your own selfie wall is easy. You have to choose a unique wallpaper, a few supplies including painting, and other décor items. You can make your bathroom selfie wall more charming with innovative ideas.

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