Beach Wedding: Does it have to be expensive?

beach wedding

Weddings, in general, can be pretty expensive. It could easily drain your budget if you get too carried away. Yes, it is very tempting when you realize what beautiful things you could have on your most important day, but you need to draw the line somewhere.

Some couples dream of a perfect wedding at the beach, but they are worried that it would be just too much for their budget. But it doesn’t have to be.

Luckily, there are a few tricks you could do that would save you a considerate amount of money in the end, without you having to give up on your dream beach wedding.

beach wedding

1. Flowers

Flowers create a romantic, dreamy atmosphere and it’s understandable why many brides want to have astonishing flower decorations on their day. Still, it’s possible to spend less on flowers and still have that unique atmosphere.

The first thing to do is to actually have more greenery for decoration than actual flowers – the effect will be equally romantic, but it will be also cheaper. Secondly, compare the prices of different types of flowers – do you really need to have peonies that are five times more expensive than roses? Any type of a flower is beautiful in its own way; you only need to choose the less expensive ones. Narrow your search to the kinds that are in season, as they are cheaper to get. Also, once you’re done with choosing the right kinds, don’t go with more than two kinds.

Another option could be to create a festive atmosphere with something else than just flowers – fruit and seashells are cheaper, but excellent decoration nevertheless.

beach wedding

3. Favors and stationery

Little details can go a long way: get single-page invitations and save on postage; give out only one favor per couple; email save-the-date remainders and not post them. Actually, all the little things such as the menu or escort cards, as well as wedding favor packaging can be made by you and a couple of friends in a day. These are easy DIY tasks!

4. Reception

There are a couple of things you could do. The first one is to cut the guest list. If you are completely honest with yourself, there are definitely some people you could do without on that day. The people closest to you are most important, and this move will cut your catering costs significantly. What’s more, it will save you some money on invitations, as there will be less of them.

Another step is to mind the date – the wedding doesn’t have to be at the peak of the season. Any other date could easily save you thousands. If you even manage to skip a Saturday wedding – even better!

beach wedding

The ceremony itself and the reception should be at the same place. It could be a quick, simple and cheap wedding at sunset on a beautiful beach, and then the party can start immediately. This is how you’ll cut travel time for vendors that are paid by the hour and you will have more time for the actual reception.

Lastly, a small detail like having bigger tables automatically means having fewer centerpieces and tablecloths – there’s a couple of hundreds saved right there.

5. The wedding dress

Let’s be honest – you will probably wear your wedding dress only once in your life, so why spending enormous amounts of money on it? Now more than ever, there are labels all over the world offering cheap wedding dresses for anybody’s taste that look like a million dollar wedding gown. Just to name a few:

Kite and Butterfly

The Australian sisters that are behind this bohemian brand are also inspired by Paris. For any future bride that enjoys a classic look, this is a place to visit.


This is one of the most popular online retailers and for a good reason – the quality and affordability of clothes are stunning. And now, it has an in-house bridal line, where you can also purchase accessories such as crown headbands and faux pearl. Most of their dresses are approximately $300, with a lot of them priced even under $200.


Another British retailer available throughout the world offers modern wedding dresses with a starting price at $650. They are definitely worth looking.

beach wedding

Final words

So, yes – it is possible to have a cheap, but beautiful wedding at the beach with a couple of tricks. However, one thing that you should have in mind is that there are some things you shouldn’t try to save money on, like hiring a really good band and having excellent food. After all, they are the key factors to a good party.

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