Beauty Checklist for your Wedding

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Drink a lot of water before and during your wedding day. Water will make your face look radiant.

There’s so much to do when it comes to planning a successful wedding. Getting gorgeous should not just begin on the wedding day but it should begin days of while you are sitting in the stylist chair. Ensure you out for the following beauty checklist to bring out the beautiful you.

Your Face
Look for a dermatologist to help you fight losing acne. He/she will prescribe oral pills or topical creams or even administer facial peels to remove oils and bacteria. Drink a lot of water before and during your wedding day. Water will make your face look radiant and dewy.

You’ll definitely want your kiss to be romantic therefore, your lips are supposed to be in best shape possible. Exfoliate your lips once a week (few weeks before wedding day) to remove the dead skin. Use a wet toothbrush with warm water and then brush your lips with back to forth motion (do it gently). Beware that the sun can leave your lips parched therefore protecting them and your kisser with sunscreen is a good idea.

Start preparing your hair 4 weeks prior to the event. During this time, dine on foods like nuts, fish and eggs which are filled with Vitamin B known to bring out hair natural shine. An invigorating scalp massage and deep conditioning treatment which you should start 4 weeks earlier will stimulate hair follicles.

Although they will be covered with the wedding dress but this doesn’t mean you’ve to ignore them. Use warm water to soften the skin then use moisturizing shave cream to shave them.

The skins around the eyes are sensitive and since you might have been applying make-ups, use a soluble water remover to take off your make up. Be gentle while scrubbing the make-up.

Walking a mile or lifting weight will help your body stay in shape and also relieve stress. Multivitamin on the other will help your body from the inside and will help you to have good sleeping patterns. Use an exfoliator on the outside skin each day to keep your skin toned and soft. What would you add to this beauty checklist let us know!

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