Beauty Tips to Follow Before Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is unarguably one of the most exciting days of your life. However, it can also be a stressful day, including the moments leading up to it. As a bride, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’ll look on the most important day of your life.

Like any other bride, you desire to look your very best on this special day. Before the wedding, there are some beauty tips you need to follow to ensure you’re the most beautiful bride your husband-to-be will ever see. Here are some that you can start using before your big day.

Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips to Try

Look for the right hair and makeup artist for you

Meet with a hair and makeup artist no less than two months before your wedding day. You should feel comfortable with them and trust them with your look. Take enough time to find the right hair and makeup artist that will make you look your best on your special day.

It’s best to book at least two trials before deciding to be sure that they can get your makeup to last the whole day.

Set regular beauty appointments at least six months before

Ideally, you can start scheduling your beauty appointments, such as facials and other treatments, about six months before your wedding date. That gives you enough time to see what works for your skin without getting stressed about last-minute treatments.

A facial will help prepare your skin for the big day. You can expect your facial to minimize pores and improve your skin’s tone and texture after a few visits. But if you want long-lasting results and have time, we recommend getting one facial every month before your wedding.

Follow a simple skincare routine

The days leading up to this day is not the time to experiment with new skincare products or routines. Instead, stick with what works for you and practice good skincare habits daily.

If your face is also prone to breakouts, good skincare for sensitive skin should include gentle cleansing, scheduled exfoliating, moisturizing, and sun protection every day.

Use gentle actives for skin concerns

Actives like retinol, and glycolic acid, and vitamin C can help brighten the skin, treat skin problems, and make it look more radiant. For maximum results, it’s noticeable results, introduce active ingredients into your routine six months before your wedding day so that your skin has time to adjust. But not everyone needs these products—so be sure to consult with a dermatologist first.

Practice facial massages

Facial massages can help reduce tension and drain lymph nodes, which will help prevent premature wrinkles and slow down the effects of aging. Facial massages also promote blood flow, which can reduce redness and blemishes.

It will help if you start practicing these exercises before your wedding day to be comfortable with them and give you time to notice any positive changes in your skin.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

The food you consume, how much water you drink, and how much exercise you do contribute to how you look and feel. While there’s no miracle cure for acne or signs of aging (and no one diet works for everyone), maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help put you toward great skin. So, consider making gradual lifestyle changes as preparation for your wedding day.

Achieve the Perfect Wedding Glow

While the bride-to-be’s wedding day is an exciting and memorable one, at the same time, it’s often a time of great stress. Plus, there are a few things that are more important than prepping for a wedding before the big day, including taking care of your skin.

As discussed in this article, a good diet, exercise, proper sleep, and self-care go a long way toward achieving the desired glow. These tips might give you the confidence boost you need to start your married life.

Penelope Martinez is a content marketer for Garnier Philippines. She’s a beauty enthusiast and an advocate of sustainability. Penelope enjoys traveling, listening to music, spending time with friends, and discovering new skills in her spare time.

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